The rugged tablet has evolved

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Dirk Weigelt

Rugged Device specialist – Panasonic Connect Europe

The rugged tablet has evolved

This week we announced the successor to our best ever selling, fully rugged tablet with the introduction of the TOUGHBOOK G2. Someone asked me what was better about the new device and I was about to leap into all the various fantastic enhancements when I was reminded of the parallels with a remarkable cycling success story and the philosophy of “the aggregation of marginal gains.”

It’s the philosophy of searching for a tiny margin of improvement in everything you do and in sport it was made famous by Dave Brailsford, when he was hired as the new performance coach for British Cycling in the pursuit of more success. And boy, did he have a challenge on his hands. In almost 100 years, since 1908, no British cyclist had won a single Olympic medal. In fact, the performance of British riders had been so underwhelming that it was rumoured that a top bike manufacturer in Europe refused to sell bikes to the team because they were afraid that it would hurt sales if other professionals saw them using their equipment.

But Brailsford’s principle was simple yet revolutionary; break down everything you can think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improve it by one percent. Then see the significant increase when you put them all together.

In the cycling team, they redesigned the bike seats to make them more comfortable and rubbed alcohol on the tires for better grip. The riders wore electrically heated overshorts to keep their muscles at the ideal temperature and created more aerodynamic racing suits. Each change had a tiny benefit but the total accumulation was history changing. Just five years after Brailsford took over, the British Cycling team dominated the road and track cycling events at the Olympic Games in Beijing, where they won an astounding 60 percent of the gold medals available. Four years later, they raised the bar again as they set nine Olympic records and seven world records.

G2 in Ambulance sector

A series of new improvements

So, what’s the connection? Well, when I think of the G2, it’s the series of improvements that ensure the TOUGHBOOK G2 is even more capable than its predecessor the TOUGHBOOK G1. It has evolved!

Gains include eSIM and future-proofed wireless communications capabilities for those in the field and increased performance, double RAM and storage, ideal for workers needing access to CAD design and schematics. The device delivers improved screen brightness for visibility and increased security as a Microsoft Secured-Core PC.  It also offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use with an additional user exchangeable expansion bay area to add contact smart card and contactless smart card readers, as well as three customisable buttons on the front frame of the display for quick click.

Taken on their own, they are all useful new functionalities and improvements but combined together they create a rugged tablet on a whole new level. And these improvements help mobile workers in different sectors perform better – just as they did for the cycling team.

Helping in different industry sectors

There are two versions of the device – Standard and a Quick Release SSD model for data sensitive sectors where they need to keep their information super secure, such as emergency services, police forces and defence.

The docking and mounting options make it perfect for using as a forklift solution in logistics. In Field Service maintenance and repair, the 4G connectivity, various ports and options for specialised gadgets and up to 18.5 hour extended battery life come into their own.

It’s also fully equipped for reporting and customer-facing interaction with a Windows Hello capable 2MP front camera for calls back to the office and an 8MP rear camera with LED flash for capturing documentation and a digitiser pen for accurate biometric signature capture.

Your starting to get the picture, I’m sure. This new device has improvements in many areas that take mobile computing to a new performance levels…but helpfully it’s still backwards-compatible with the majority of accessories from the TOUGHBOOK G1 and 20, including vehicle docks, so businesses can have a seamless transition to the new device.

Now I’m not promising that you will break any cycling records with the TOUGHBOOK G2 but, as a mobile worker, you will certainly notice all the improvements in ease of use and productivity in your working day.

Check out the New TOUGHBOOK G2

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