Technology shaping the future of Education

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Written by
Hilmar Salac

Development Manager for Higher Education at Panasonic Connect Europe

Technology shaping the future of Education


As far back as Aristotle, who said “The fate of empires depends on the education of youth”, the ability to teach and learn has been a fundamental pillar of our society. Yet today our education institutions are undergoing the greatest change in generations.

For many, the implementation and refinement of digital learning, as an enhancement to traditional face-to-face teaching, was already high on the agenda. It provided the opportunity to attract international students and their spending power, alongside meeting the desire of Generation Z for more flexible learning. However, the pandemic and resultant lockdowns across Europe have only accelerated this evolution. According to the World Economic Forum, global edtech investments reached €15.53 billion in 2019 and the overall market for online education is projected to reach €290 billion by 2025.
Today organisations are having to consider, not only, the way they teach but the very nature of their buildings and campuses, and the technology they use as they move from an entirely face-to-face learning environment to one of blended learning. Across every facet of Education, technology is playing an important role in helping to facilitate that change. These include the introduction of glass-to-glass solutions for the delivery of effective hybrid learning. For example, using lecture capture solutions with PTZ cameras to automatically track and stream or record lecturers, through to integrated projector and interactive touchscreen displays and wireless presentation systems to share content.
Panasonic is playing a major role in the evolution of the sector. We are helping to re-engineer education with new technology solutions. Whether it’s a traditional classroom or lecture hall, the learning environment is changing to enable the delivery of effective blended learning.
Our latest whitepaper looks in detail at how our technology solutions are helping to shape this future, with examples of where higher education institutions have put this technology into action. 


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