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Discover the world’s most popular remote PTZ camera line up

Introduced in 2008, Panasonic’s series of pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras has become the preferred choice for remote-operated filming among global broadcasters, video streamers for conferences and live events, and educators in remote learning environments. These cameras are crafted to deliver exceptional image quality, rapid deployment, dependable performance, and compatibility with various industry standards.

▶ Professional-grade PTZ optics
▶ Single cable for power, control, video and audio
▶ Smooth and quiet operation
▶ Flexible camera installation options
▶ IP access and control
▶ Multi-camera network operation for up to 200 cameras
▶ Optional presenter auto-tracking software over IP
▶ Pro video outputs and connectivity
▶ Industry-wide standards integration
▶ IP64 rated outdoor options
▶ Global Panasonic support

PTZ Camera Line-up