4K Upgrade Kit for AK-HC3900  Camera System


The AK-HUC01G is an optional kit for the AK-HC3900 enabling high-quality 4K video output and a resolution of 2,000 TV lines

Key features

Upgrade kit consists of 4K output board for the AK-HCU250 and a 4K Optical low pass filter for the AK-HC3900 Camera head
The 4K Optical low pass filter is optional to maximize the resolution and sharpness when shooting in 4K, but the existing filter can be left in place to minimize any chance of moiré
When the AK-HUC01 kit is installed the AK-HC3900 becomes a true 4K studio camera, with an uncompromised 2000 TV resolution
Panasonic service is recommended for both the 4K output board and the Optical low pass filter
AK-HUC01G Header

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