Imagemédia uses Panasonic PTZ cameras to record rare surgery

Imagemédia’s Le Réal® system was fitted out with Panasonic PTZ cameras to capture and stream the separation surgery of conjoined twins at the Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon, France.

Client: Imagemédia

Location: Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon, France


Complete a live video stream of a major surgery without hindering visibility and movement of the surgeons, whilst respecting the strict rules in place in the medical environment.


Mounted above the operating area, the AW-HE130 enables recording and streaming of sharp high-quality imagery during the entire operation, while the second HE130 camera captures images of the operating room and surgical accessories for an overview of the procedure.

"With unsurpassed performance, the AW-HE130 and AW-UE70 were able to highlight the surgeons’ work. We recommend Panasonic products to everyone who wants to work with reliable equipment and achieve impeccable results."

LE RÉAL'®, the world's first mobile studio developed by French company Image média, filmed the separation operation of one-year old conjoined sisters, which took place on November 13, 2019 at the Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon. For this live HD stream, Panasonic had provided Full HD (AW-HE130) and 4K (AW-UE70) PTZ cameras.

Innovating in the medical sector

LE RÉAL'® is a system to capture and stream imagery dedicated to operating theatres. In order to film and broadcast this rare operation live, Imagemédia relied on Panasonic technology.

The procedure to separate the one-year-old twins, joined front-facing and partly sharing a liver, lasted more than five hours, and required the presence of two medical teams. Filming such an operation with conventional equipment without hindering the teams would have proven very complicated.

Image média and Panasonic worked together to meet the surgical teams' requirements. By integrating the cameras, the mobile studio captured images in the best conditions, without impacting the work of the two teams on site.

"We contacted Panasonic because we were looking for cameras that could deliver 4K images with excellent zoom range. We are really pleased with the result and the high-quality imagery obtained during the operation. We hope we can renew this experience in the future,” said Réal Godin, founder and manager of Image média.

The high-performance, compact and lightweight AW-HE130and AW-UE70 cameras have proven ideal for this type of project. TheAW-HE130allows for HD filming even in low light conditions, and theAW-UE70 camera delivers4K images with excellent zoom range and a unique pan-tilt operation.

“Panasonic's integrated cameras made it possible to film and broadcast this miracle operation with incredible sharpness. The AW-UE70 camera gave us a global view of the procedure, while the AW-HE130 shows the surgeon's field of view. The video quality was perfect: the people watching the live stream had the impression they were at the heart of the operation and could see through the eyes of the surgeon,” explains Réal Godin.

Full HD PTZ AW-HE130 camera *Also available in black
Integrated 4K and HD remote camera AW-UE70

The AW-HE130 includes three MOS sensors, allowing for high-grade filming in low light conditions, in addition to superior signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution. The camera comes with HDMI and 3G-SDI output as well as Full HD output via IP transmission. It delivers up to four channels of IP streaming video with the possibility of configurating the quality level.

The AW-UE70 camera delivers 4K images with excellent zoom range and unique pan-tilt performance. The camera boasts a variety of enhanced and intelligent features, including in-camera 4K recording or 4K streaming over IP, and can be used for applications such as remote video production, live events, signage or video conferencing.

Despite its compact size, the AW-UE70 remote camera is able to deliver 4K images with excellent zoom range and exceptional pan-tilt performance. This camera boasts a variety of enhanced and intelligent features, including in-camera 4K recording or 4K streaming over IP.

The AW-UE70 remote camera meets the industry's new requirements thanks to the Ultra HD image resolution. 4K images can be obtained through a variety of outputs including HDMI, USB and LAN. Besides its 4K capability, this camera performs extremely well in HD, also supporting 1080/50p format and 3G-SDI output.

Full HD integrated PTZ AW-HE130 camera with P/T head* *Also available in black
Integrated 4K and HD remote camera AW-UE70

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