Cloudsysteem voor nieuwsproductie

Cloudsysteem voor zendcamera's

Verbinding met de cloud via een wifi- of 4G-verbinding

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Cloudsysteem voor zendcamera's

Verbinding met de cloud via een wifi- of 4G-verbinding

P2 Cast is het cloudsysteem voor nieuwsproductie van Panasonic waarmee volop gebruik wordt gemaakt van de netwerkfuncties van de P2HD-camcorders met AVC-ULTRA-opnames – de AJ-PX5000GAJ-PX800 en AJ-PX270. De netwerkmogelijkheden van deze camcorders zijn geïntegreerd in P2 Cast, zodat inhoud die op locatie wordt vastgelegd, kan worden geüpload naar de cloud en meteen kan worden bekeken en bewerkt.

Cox Media Groups WSB (Atlanta) en WFTV (Orlando) gebruiken Panasonic P2 Cast om hun workflow te verbeteren en sneller reportages uit te kunnen zenden.

P2 Cast Workflow Features

Shared cloud storage is prepared on the server, so you can upload proxy files from camcorders and browse and play from your station. Proxy files can be downloaded quickly and used for breaking news.

At a station, editors can highlight-edit (in-point/out-point) the proxy files on the server, creating an EDL (Edit Decision List) and transfer it to the camera. Based on the EDL, the camera selects the desired high-quality footage and transfers it back to the server.

Each P2HD camera has a pre-assigned IDs, making metadata available that can be sent from the newsroom to camcorders in the field. Metadata is automatically recorded with footage shot in the field, so you can use this data in the editing process, making it easier to search through raw footage in addition to accelerating archiving as a secondary usage.

(Note: AVC-ULTRA camcorders may require a firmware upgrade for cameras to communicate with P2Cast.)

P2 Streaming Server – from the viewfinder straight to the viewer

Our P2 Streaming Service (P2SS) is compatible streaming with both Panasonic AVC-Ultra QoS streaming camcorders, and integrated PTZ cameras out in the field or installed in different locations over a wired/wireless IP network.

The P2SS (depending on server model) utilises 2 or 4 simultaneous HD-SDI outputs. Its intuitive interface allows monitoring of up to 20 cameras per page with thumbnails. Using the software interface, simply dragging and dropping a thumbnail initiates a streaming output.

The intuitive interface also features remote camera control and image adjustment parameters depending on the type of camera being streamed, making available the centralisation and simplification of workflows in mission-critical environments. Stream parameters, bit-rates and modes can also be adjusted from the same common interface with real-time network metrics and analytics.

Set-up is very straightforward with AVC-Ultra camcorders thanks to the P2SS being able to work with Panasonic’s P2Cast, and is able to maintain a camera list in the cloud. This allows easy network set-up without each camera needing a global IP address.