Case Study

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz hebt hybride Lehre auf ein neues Level

For Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, TrackingMaster worked alongside Panasonic and system integrator Gendo GmbH, to install a cutting-edge camera system into their lecture hall.

Case Study

AT Communications sets sights on touring and festival market with the first 4K UE160 PTZ cameras in the UK

Ground-breaking Panasonic PTZ delivers stunning images in challenging lighting conditions and dramatically reduces moiré effect when shooting against LED walls.

Case Study

Neuer Albano Campus mit AVoIP-Netzwerk und Panasonic-Lösungen

Die hochmoderne Bildungs- und Forschungseinrichtung setzt auf dem gesamten neuen Campus Projektoren, Displays mit WolfVision SDMs und PTZ-Kameras von Panasonic ein.

Case Study

Bahnbrechender Einsatz von PTZ-Kameras auf der Ed Sheeran Global Mathematics Tour

Um dem Publikum die Show von Ed Sheerans 360°-Bühnen-Welttournee näherzubringen, bei der nur PTZ-Kameras verwendet werden.

Case Study

User Experience: Bewältigung der Pandemie mit 4K-Systemlösungen von Panasonic

Kurz vor der Absage aller Veranstaltungen aufgrund von Covid-19, traf Unlimited Vision & Sound eine wichtige Entscheidung. Für Inhaber Pascal van Engelen kam eine Investition in HD-Kameras nicht mehr infrage. Die Anforderungen hinsichtlich der Qualität sollten erhöht werden. Nach einer umfangreichen Recherche im Marktsegment der High-End-Studiokameras fiel die Wahl auf den nativen 4K-Sensor von Panasonic. Diese Entscheidung stellte sich als goldrichtig heraus.

Case Study

Mediaset deploys Panasonic Kairos to support live IP workflows

Today Mediaset represents one the most advanced European broadcasters in the integration of ST 2110 and recently has integrated two Kairos systems to produce two new StudioLight production divisions.

Case Study

IFM implements UHD VR Studio to produce and broadcast content – no matter the circumstances

ifm electronic GmbH in Essen, Germany, built a VR UHD TV Studio on their premises to be able to independently produce and broadcast their own content. The studio infrastructure is based on the combination of the ST 2110-based IT/IP-based video processing platform "KAIROS" from Panasonic, the studio production automation "CamBot" and the groundbreaking VR studio system "Reality".

Case Study

RTLZWEI Fernsehen profitiert bei Remote-Produktionen von Panasonic KAIROS

Höchste Effizienz, Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit für Live-Videoproduktionen durch neueste Technologie für Software- und CPU-/GPU-Verarbeitung.

Case Study

24/7 reality show ‘The Bride’ powered by Panasonic cameras

“The Bride”, one of the most technical demanding reality shows produced by Antena 1 in Romania, is using Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras, 4K Live Switcher, P2 camcorders and professional displays to produce the show 24/7.

Case Study

Creating a ‘gamers paradise’ with Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions

Since the summer of 2021, gamers in Paris have a place to go to give themselves over to their passion: Espot.

Case Study

Thank you for the music

Stagecast and Panasonic bring Edinburgh International Festival concerts to life for viewers around the world.

Case Study

SciencesPo employs Panasonic cameras to create hybrid and remote classes

The world renowned SciencesPO University in France worked with Panasonic to extend its digital offering to include hybrid and remote education due to the special sanitary circumstances.

Case Study

Content that brings virtual performers into real spaces, created using a FreeD*-compatible PTZ camera system ideal for AR video production

* FreeD is a widely used protocol for transmitting camera tracking information in AR/VR systems. The AW-UE150W/K and the AW-UE100W/K transmit the pan, tilt, zoom and focus information that are required for compositing with AR/VR.

Case Study

Murmansk Regional Philharmonic’s Virtual Concert Hall

A multimedia complex for live video streaming from the Murmansk Regional Philharmonic Hall was completed in September 2020.

Case Study

The Royal Society and Panasonic share Science

Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras help the Royal Society continue pioneering work in live streaming

Case Study

How to stream live mass with AW-UE150 PTZ camera: Jasna Góra shrine I Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV

Panasonic cameras have been accompanying the ceremonies at the Chapel of Our Lady at Jasna Góra in Poland for almost 20 years.

Case Study

KAIROS Powers Live IP Production at Mediapro for eLaLiga Santander

Mediapro is using Panasonic KAIROS, the next generation live production platform, to produce coverage of eLaLiga Santander, the official tournament of FIFA 21 in Spain.

Case Study

BARTKRESA Studio Safely Installs Shogyo Mujo Sculpture Amid Social Distancing - ProAV

Transporting visitors through a portal and into a newly reimagined visual world, Area 15 weaves together events and entertainment with art, retail, technology and design for a curated, immersive space. The complex is filled with one-of-a-kind art installations, engaging retail activations and inspiring concessions, aimed to create an indoor and outdoor space that is suited for a broad range of events.

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