Half of Danish companies do not consider sustainability when tablets break

Author: Ulrika Sturk, Field Marketing Manager Nordics, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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According to global market intelligence provider IDC, the tech industry is responsible for 5-10 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. So it makes good sense for manufacturers to think in terms of sustainability such as repairability, durability, service life and the use of recycled materials in production. 

I was therefore surprised by the results of a recent survey in Denmark where 50 percent of buyer respondents stated that sustainability was not an important topic for their employers when they have damaged or broken tablets to be replaced or repaired. The survey was conducted by research agency YouGov on behalf of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. Respondents being Danish IT Managers in both small, medium sized and large companies. 

Expected lifespan of company tablets is low

The same survey also showed that the expected lifespan of company tablets is considered to be between two and three years for the majority of Danish companies. Despite an increasing global awareness of sustainability issues and a general desire to use devices longer, it still seems that companies are stuck in a mindset of two, three or four-year technology refreshes. 

In fact, only 11 percent of respondents believed that company tablet lifespans could be more than four years. Even though, with new designs and extended support available for the latest devices, there is an opportunity for companies to extend the life of their tablets much further. 

In Denmark, employees are blamed for broken tablets

Another survey surprise was when company tablets break down. In this situation, 31 percent of IT managers thought it likely to be the employee’s fault. This is especially surprising, considering the survey also shows that 65 percent of the respondents believe that tablets are generally too fragile. More may wish to consider whether the quality and durability of their products is in fact good enough and review their specifications.


Still room for progress

But if the survey tells us anything, it is that we cannot be complacent about sustainability issues. We must all continue to strive to be more sustainable. It’s clear that the climate crisis does not have one simple solution, but rather requires a joint effort in multiple areas. As consumers, we need to opt for products with the longest possible durability, since it is, obviously, bad news for the climate, if we keep producing, throwing away and re-buying products.


Header image source: vilax/shutterstock.com


                                                                 If you do consider sustainability when buying rugged tablets, have a look at our product portfolio.


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