Mission-ready encryption for Panasonic’s toughest customers

What is your organisation’s most sensitive data?

Author: Peter Thomas | Regional Public Sector Manager for UK & Ireland | Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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What is your organisation’s most sensitive data? From highly valuable intellectual property to government intelligence, there are many reasons why mobile workers might demand additional data security from their devices. Encrypting data is fast becoming a core part of information security strategies around the world, but nowhere is the need for encryption more vital – and more stringently enforced – than in the defence and intelligence sectors.

In military history, encryption has been utilised since 600 BC, when ancient Spartans used a ‘scytale’ to send secret messages in battle. Consisting of a leather strap that could be wrapped around a wooden rod, readers would require the exact right sized rod to align the letters on the leather strap and decipher the message. The modern concept of ‘military-grade encryption’ was established in 2001 by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST. Since then, encryption and classification levels have been central to the data protection strategies of any defence organisation. 

Across NATO member countries, the alliance’s data classification levels instruct those working with sensitive information on how to protect their most sensitive data. Minimising the potential for NATO data to fall into the wrong hands is an essential priority for any military and government organisations, so when choosing which devices to employ within these operations, trusted data protection and encryption is non-negotiable. 

Selecting devices with the highest possible encryption standards allows buyers to make future-facing investments in an environment of ongoing geopolitical tension. 

Delivering encryption to the front line

Through Panasonic’s partnership with global communications company, Viasat Inc., TOUGHBOOK is committed to offering drives with the highest-level of security across its range of devices. Already a feature of the TOUGHBOOK 55, Viasat’s Eclypt® Core Encrypted Internal Solid State Drive has now been extended to Panasonic’s most rugged device: the TOUGHBOOK 40. 

Built with the defence sector in mind, the 14-inch TOUGHBOOK 40 boasts a range of tailored features including one-touch concealed mode and military grade communications capabilities. NATO-approved to protect data classified as Secret and below, Viasat’s leading encryption bolsters the TOUGHBOOK’s rugged and tamper-resistant computing to offer users unrivalled protection for even the most sensitive operations. 

Equipping the TOUGHBOOK 40 with Viasat’s data-at-rest encrypted hardware brings users sophisticated authentication, entire-disc encryption, and data storage to meet the exacting security standards of the defence sector. 

Building data protection into our design

For laptops employed in mission critical operations, securing data at rest becomes particularly vital. 

In addition to the optional Viasat SSD, the modular design of the TOUGHBOOK 40 offers users a quick release hard drive for ultimate peace of mind. Whether in a training exercise or real-world emergency, this feature is designed for defence users to extract sensitive data from their TOUGHBOOK device quickly and completely. 


Maintaining security at all times

At our dedicated reservicing and reconfiguration hub in Cardiff, our team is trained to maintain the sanctity of sensitive customer data throughout the repair process. Any data stored on devices returned to Panasonic for these services is encrypted and decrypted accordingly to ensure maximum data security. 

As a committed provider to the defence market, we also understand that customer data is often too sensitive to be shared with vendors and partners, no matter how trusted. 

Whether you work in a factory or on the frontline, data protection is becoming increasingly important. Encryption is a vital part of any modern, multilayer strategy, ensuring that even in the event of a data breach or incident, your most important data is protected. 

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