Santa Claus lives with the times

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Written by
Brecht Dhooge

Marketing Manager Benelux at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division. – Panasonic Connect Europe

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus deals with millions of letters from children all over the world, and how he gets the right gift to the right place, on time? The task seems impossible! 

Of course, you may say that Santa is resourceful, full of secrets and magic, and can count on the precious help of elves and Mrs. Claus. Yes, but that’s not his only help! We have it on (almost) good authority that Santa, to keep up with the ever-growing population and to support the manufacturing, storing and delivery of gifts to all the children, has ordered new TOUGHBOOK tablets this year!

You can imagine the surprise of the Panasonic team when Santa's address appeared on the order form. But the TOUGHBOOK is perfectly suited for the task. Whether it's in the hands of the elves to digitize the design, plans and manufacture of the toys, or for use in the maintenance and upkeep of the machines and the magic sleigh, or for following Santa on his December 25th tour and helping him manage the delivery logistics, the Toughbook is ideal.

Accidental drops from his magical sleigh or rooftops? Drop resistant. Coming down chimneys with dirt left and right? Dust resistant. It really is the best match for an express trip around the world. Plus, it's ultra-resistant to temperature extremes and humidity- perfect for an enchanted factory at the center of the North Pole.

An elf, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirms: "With Panasonic Toughbook, we are faster, more efficient and connected. We can use it in the design studio as well as on the production line and packaging stations. After all, there's no reason why Santa shouldn't move with the times and digitalize his production as well, especially if it means more children can dream." 

In any case, rumor has it that St. Nicholas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy will also soon be placing orders.


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