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10.1” sunlight-viewable, hard handle, glove-enabled touchscreen

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Key features

Tested to withstand 10,000 disinfectant wipes
10.1” sunlight-viewable, glove-enabled touchscreen
Sealed unit with no external fans
Hard Handle for portability
1.19kg / 2.64lb weight (approx.)

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Tablet is the perfect partner to support EMS teams in challenging environments.

Providing fast, secure access to patient information, powering other diagnostic equipment, and connecting to the wider healthcare system from the scene of an emergency, The EMS Tablet supports first responders in delivering the most effective care at the scene, and smooth onward care pathways for patients.

Multi-vehicular integration

TOUGHBOOK vehicle design capabilities and vehicle docks make it easier and safer for first responders to access and update medical records and communicate on the move.

Portable remote support

Combining lightweight and portability design with rugged durability, the EMS Tablet provides EMS teams with the vital technological tools required to handle emergencies in all conditions.

Real-time access to medical data

The EMS tablet helps first responder teams to swiftly deliver the most effective treatment and ensure a seamless   transition between medical data systems and healthcare professionals.

Infection prevention and control

The EMS tablet withstands disinfectants, helping teams to prevent the spread of infections via mobile devices and work effectively even while wearing latex gloves.

Saving vital seconds with MobiMed

Ortivus, one of the market leaders in e-health, chose The EMS Tablet for its mobile first aid solution ModiMed. EMS teams can now monitor and treat patients out in the field, while sharing data and vital parameters in real time throughout the care chain. More than a patient record system, it is an intuitive decision support tool with functionality for mass casualty management.

Multi-vehicular Integration

EMS teams must arrive attend emergencies as fast as  possible, but navigating traffic and terrain at high speeds  can result in hazardous movement of objects within vehicles. To use technology safely and effectively for navigation, communication, or medical care, devices need to be safely secured and connected to other systems while in transit.

TOUGHBOOK is supported by a range of vehicle docking solutions to securely fasten The EMS Tablet within transport, making it easier and safer for first responders to access and update medical records and communicate on the move. 

  • Vehicle design consultancy
  • Vibration resistant vehicle dock
  • Quick release for handheld use
  • Power supply and charging
  • Connectivity and USB ports

Portable Remote Support

EMS teams can be called to emergencies in remote  locations, often having to reach the patient on foot when vehicular access is limited. To reach patients in outdoor or hazardous locations as fast as possible, any supporting technology must be highly portable, and rugged enough to withstand the rigours of all-weather usage in physically demanding environments.

The EMS Tablet combines portability with rugged durability to give EMS teams the full technological support they  require when responding to emergencies in all conditions.  Its long-lasting battery keeps teams going through long  shifts and emergencies that require more time to attend.

Real Time Access to Medical Data

Access to patient records relating to any current medication  or pre-existing conditions are all important factors in determining the immediate care provided at the scene.  As well as accessing healthcare records, EMS teams need  to share their own incident and treatment reports as quickly  as possible to ensure a smooth handover with hospital staff.

The EMS Tablet helps first responders to swiftly deliver  the most effective treatment and save time by accessing  and updating digital records in the field. With built-in 5G stand alone and wireless LAN capabilities, frontline care  is enhanced by a fast, secure, and reliable connection  and seamless transition between medical data systems  and healthcare professionals.

Infection Prevention and Control

Protecting patients from infection is an important responsibility for first responders. Any unsterilised equipment can pose  a contamination risk to both patients and medical teams,  so ensuring the cleanliness of any technology used to support emergency response is a high priority.

The EMS Tablet is built to withstand certified disinfectant  sprays and wipes, helping teams to protect patients by sanitising the device after every callout. The glove-compatible touchscreen means EMS teams can use the rugged tablet on the scene of  an emergency without breaking stride in delivering critical care. Plus, the fully sealed unit with no ventilation fans prevents  any additional dispersal of airborne particles.

The First Choice for the First Responders

The EMS Tablet is the ideal technology partner to support EMS teams responding to critical emergencies in even the harshest of environments. As well as being a rugged, powerful, and portable tablet for mobile use, it seamlessly integrates within the IT infrastructure of the wider healthcare network. With Windows 11 Pro, Secured-core PC capabilities and Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ Processor, The EMS Tablet empowers first responders to communicate and share data with other healthcare teams and record systems without compromising patient data privacy.

Support you can Trust

We’ve worked in partnership with the police, fire, and ambulance services for over 20 years to deliver award-winning, vehicle-mounted, and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions – providing built-for-purpose technology  that’s fit for today’s digitally enabled emergency services.

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Specifications table

Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro
Wireless LANIntel® Wi-Fi6 AX201
Mobile Broadband4G LTE or 5GSA with eSIM support
Battery LifeUp to 12 hours battery life
ResistanceIP65 water and dust, and 180cm drop resistance

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