Microelectronics Solutions

Delivering the latest systems for: plasma dicing and dry etching of wafers; plasma cleaning of wafers and substrates; and high-quality ultrasonic flip-chip bonding of bare ICs.

With decades of experience - including as a manufacturer ourselves - we are continually improving our technologies and developing new solutions. We provide a line-up of cutting-edge microelectronics equipment to help our customers reduce production costs and increase quality.

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About Microelectronics

Panasonic is one of the world's leading companies in the area of the Smart Factory. Our combined power of being both a manufacturer and an equipment provider is highly unique and has enabled us to deliver proven technology. In the Microelectronics area we offer first-class equipment, process solutions, materials, and software for high-precision wafer processing, ultra-high precision device bonding, and high-quality liquid crystal panel bonding. Additonally, we are offering Plasma Dicing as a service.

Our Product Line Up

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Panasonic's Universe of Smart Factory Solutions

at Panasonic Campus Munich

Discover our technical centers, laboratories, and service facilities that provide a unique insight into the customized world of Panasonic.

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