Upgrade ESL


Designed to optimize On-Shelf Availability

Captana is a cloud-based software combined with an IoT camera and sensor system that detects the OSA situation and analyzes the shelf to improve shelf availability and internal processes and reduce waste.

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Principales caractéristiques

Commerce sans papier
Influencer la consommation responsable en rayon
Disponibilité accrue des produits
Conformité au planogramme
Détection précoce des analomies
Alertes de rupture de stock en temps réel

Optimize on-shelf availability


•IoT camera works with Vusion Cloud, ESL and Rails

•Ultra Low Power (battery, link to cloud)

•Easy to install and Secured 



•Automatic out of stock detection without manual process

•Analyze shelves to improve availability

•Proof of Play

•Time Lapse Function 

What Captana has to offer will lead to…

Increased Availability

Improve availability by identifying out-of-stock items and ensuring their availability


Planogram compliance

•Enhance visibility through planogram compliance

•Guaranteed shelf compliance & facing validation


Early detection of analomies

•ROI-focused KPIs (stockouts frequency, space allocated per brand…)

•Anomalies and stockouts alerts in real-time

…positive effects on revenue & customer satisfaction

More than the eye meets:

Using an IoT camera & Sensor System that is GDPR compliant

Camera Range

captana components features

Field of View

•Up to 250 products with 1 ShelfEye

•Up to 3 meters of Shelf can be monitored

•AI Controlled Autofocus of the Lense

•12 Mega Pixel Camera Resolution

•NFC Wifi Setup

•Fully manageable via Captana Live App

Tableau des spécifications

BatterieRechargeable Batterie
Easylock ProtectionCorrect Position: Patented ​easylock gurantees the position​ on the shelf
Applicable LensAutofocus​ Lens
LEDConfigurable​ Status LED​
SensorMotion Sensor ​helps to save battery and prevents GDPR compliant an image from being captured while motion is detected.
CasingRugged Casing
Field of ViewUp to 250 products with 1 ShelfEye​ Up to 5 meter of Shelf can be monitored​ AI Controlled Autofocus of the Lense​ 12 Mega Pixel Camera Resolution​ NFC Wifi Setup​ Fully manageable via Captana Live App​