A cure for Emergency Services communications

Author: Daniel Creasey, Marketing Manager UK TOUGHBOOK

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Trust me, I’m a Doctor!

It was a case of “Trust me, I’m a technology doctor” recently at the UK’s biggest Public Safety event, BAPCO. I don’t usually spend my time impersonating someone from the medical profession but it was an eye-catching way to offer an IT health check to the emergency services visitors looking for tech solutions to address their communication challenges. 

A common theme was how to provide the most reliable rugged mobile solution for the various types of emergency vehicles. Effective wireless communication is a lifeline for members of the police, ambulance and fire services. They rely on access to critical applications and data when in their vehicles and at the scene.

Fortunately, this is an ailment where Panasonic has a tried and tested cure. As well as leading rugged devices, we offer a total solution for our customers, including in-vehicle solution design for the comms system, as well as the docks and even safety testing certification. We work closely with partners, such as Cradlepoint, to provide a complete solution. For example, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G — including nationwide public safety networks — for reliable connections to emergency services Mobile Data Terminals.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue service is one customer where this total solution approach has been deployed with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets in the front cabs of its fire appliances as Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and Cradlepoint NetCloud and IBR1700 Series routers for 4G LTE connectivity via EE, Vodafone and the forthcoming Emergency Services Network. Panorama Antennas are fitted to the vehicle roofs to optimise connectivity.

Already a common provider of this total solution to the fire service, it’s increasingly also an ideal approach for police forces across the UK.

Sustainability and flexibility

Another popular topic of conversation was sustainability and it’s another subject close to our hearts. The Panasonic corporation has a commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions of all operating companies to Net Zero by 2030 and goes even further in its Environment Vision 2050, where its goal is that energy created will exceed energy used by the business and the use of its products by society. 

Alongside these goals, we have developed a range of modular rugged devices, such as the G2, T40 and T55, that are designed to last and be flexible to extend their useful life. This modular approach, where devices can be easily adapted for different tasks by the end user in the field, ensures their longevity of usefulness alongside their durability. With a longer-term aim to establish a circular computing model, it’s a focus for the emergency services and mobile computing manufacturers alike. 

So, if either of these challenges are ailing your organisation, why not pop in for a consult and the doctor will see you now. We have the cure!

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