Exploring Panasonic's Campus Munich

A Hub of Innovation and Service

As an engineer involved in the diverse world of Panasonic at the Campus Munich, I've witnessed the connection of cutting-edge technology, collaboration, and a variety of innovative solutions shaping the future of the industry. Among the hands-on demo products and advancements, one that stands out as my personal favorite is the alignment of Digital Signage and Electronics Shelf Labels: The Connected Signage.

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Written by
Jens-Michael Pohl

RETAIL TECHNOLOGY: Head of Engineering – Panasonic Connect Europe

Connected Signage ushering in a new era of shopping

Connected Signage is the fusion of technology and consumer insights. Collaborating with ADEAL Systems, a leader in data analytics and AI, we've revolutionized the in-store shopping experience. The integration of personalized AI-driven Digital Signage directly into supermarkets is transforming the way businesses engage with customers. By harnessing data on shopper demographics, preferences, and contextual information such as weather or local events, we dynamically tailor advertisements displayed on in-store screens. This partnership combines Panasonic's state-of-the-art camera and display solutions with ADEAL Systems' AI-driven personal shopping assistant, CUSAAS (Customer Segmentation As-A-Service), ushering in a new era of unparalleled shopping experiences.

The application of Connected Signage extends from conventional display projections to immersive wall or floor projections. Imagine a personalized morning offer centered around a variety of coffee blends seamlessly transitioning to tailored evening snack promotions.

Collaboration in my role at Panasonic Campus

What captivates me most about the Campus Munich is the collaboration of various Panasonic companies, unveiling a vast spectrum of innovations under one roof. From robots to kitchen equipment and e-bikes, the breadth of technologies showcased here is fascinating. Moreover, the collaborative environment fosters interactions with colleagues from diverse departments, facilitating continuous learning and exposure to new technologies.

In my role as Senior Manager Field Engineering at Panasonic Connect Europe, my responsibilities revolve around conceptualizing solutions and overseeing their integration at customer sites. One notable project involved outfitting team energie's gas station markets with our Electronic Shelf Labels, seamlessly integrated during regular business operations. Further, I'm actively engaged in product development and the enhancement of existing solutions, such as ESLs, Vusion Rails, and integrated camera systems linked with signage solutions.

At the Campus Munich, I focus on advancing exhibits, creating new demos, and prototyping new showcases. Working closely with my on-site team, we gather valuable customer feedback and insights to drive the evolution of our exhibits.

Amidst the diverse corners of the campus, the coffee kitchen stands out as my favorite spot. It's a melting pot of interactions with customers, colleagues, and an ideal space for relaxed discussions on emerging developments, reflecting on customer tours, and aligning with their individual needs.

An outlook towards after a customer visit

The Campus Munich fuels my motivation through its innovative platform for testing and developing new technologies. Collaborating with customers to craft prototypes based on their requirements and testing them on-site is a thrilling aspect of my work. Integrating new applications accessible as demos within the campus adds an exciting dimension to our engagements with visitors and clients.

When a client expresses interest in a product at our campus, we delve deeper into understanding their unique technical and systemic requirements. As a system integrator, we meticulously plan the integration into their existing systems and conduct on-site assessments to ensure seamless alignment.

Our installation and service offerings

Our installation process aspires toward flawless execution, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. While Electronic Shelf Labels might take just a day for installation, more complex solutions might require additional time. We don't merely offer solutions; we stand as service providers, often bundling our installations with service packages. Post-installation, our service colleagues take over to ensure ongoing support and maintenance.

Memories are always in mind

Reflecting on cherished memories at the Campus Munich, the transformation of the building from its former state as a fashion company's site to Panasonic's dynamic hub is unforgettable. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, our team's remote collaboration during the planning and setup phase was great teamwork. Witnessing the progress of our efforts, from conceptualization to physically witnessing the finished space, remains an unforgettable and cherished memory.

The Campus Munich encapsulates innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of pushing technological boundaries, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, and visions come to life. It's not just a workplace; it's a testament to Panasonic's commitment to redefining possibilities and shaping the future of technology.

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