EY relies on Panasonic displays at the CFOspace

EY has created a multimedia showroom and meeting room which impressively shows how modern technology can improve working environments alongside the benefits of collaborative working.

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Client: Ernst & Young GmbH auditing firm

Location: Eschborn, Germany

Product(s) supplied: TH-55VF1H


Creating a modern, flexible collaboration room with discreet media technology.


Discreet integration of seamless Panasonic TH-55VF1HW 55" video wall displays in combination with large touch overlays.

EY is one of the best-known companies for auditing as well as tax, transaction, business and classic legal advice. It is one of the four biggest auditing companies in the world – the so-called Big Four.

The CFOspace, a multimedia showroom and meeting room with interactive video walls, went into operation at the company's Eschborn site in September 2017.

The CFOspace represents the collaboration room of the future – a place where financial issues meet cutting-edge technologies. This digital lab is designed to allow CFOs and their teams to work together in a fully digital manner. It impressively shows not only how modern technology can improve working environments but also the benefits of collaborative working.

The CFOspace

The CFOspace was designed and planned by Hartmann, Mathias und Partner, a product-neutral consultancy and planning office for AV communications technology based in Sonsbeck.

All four sides of the room feature a large display wall with a touch overlay. Each display wall is made up of 12 Panasonic TH-55VF1HW displays with a screen size of 55 inches (140 cm) arranged in a 4 x 3 configuration (W X H).

In addition to the best possible image quality, one of EY's most important criteria when selecting the displays was the smallest possible frame width. The company eventually opted for Panasonic's TH-55VF1HW 55" video wall display with an IPS panel. With a frame width of 0.9 millimetres (1.8 mm from image to image) and a brightness of 700 cd/m2, this display is ideal for this purpose.

Colour and brightness matching for the video walls was achieved with the help of the Panasonic TY-VUK10 video wall manager software. Using snapshots and with the help of a high-resolution digital photo camera, this software analyses the background lighting and white balance in order to accurately adjust the colours for each panel.

In front of the display walls, there are sheets of special glass which protect the delicate surfaces, especially when the touch function is being used. These sheets of glass have an anti-reflective finish and are chemically etched to minimize reflections while maintaining the excellent image quality of the displays.

The displays are controlled via four 19" workstations from the company Lang AG. These are specially optimised for video wall applications. Each workstation controls a video wall in its native resolution, to achieve the best possible image quality.

User-friendly content control

48 TH-55VF1HW displays create a collaboration room of the future

Integration of external sources

The content was created and designed by the company Realtime Department GmbH using real-time graphics software from the company Ventuz Technology AG. Here, signals from external sources (laptops, content PCs, iPads etc.) can be integrated via a Crestron digital media matrix.

In the CFOspace, video and web conferences can take place at any time while working is going on. 12 surround sound speakers and two subwoofers specially tailored to the size of the room result in impressive audio reproduction and excellent voice acoustics. Array microphones installed on the ceiling ensure optimum speech intelligibility during web and video conferences. Wireless headsets are available for moderation.

The overall CFOspace concept is rounded off by special LED lighting. Four LED strips along the ceiling which act as a grainy "fifth video wall" on the ceiling are used. The light here can be adjusted to the content of the video walls, thus leading to a high level of immersion. The angle of the light beam was carefully chosen so as not to impair the display walls.


Many CFOspace users have praised the image quality and brightness of the displays. In spite of the retrofitted glass overlay for the touch function, the contrast of the Panasonic displays is excellent.

The displays offer amazing resolution and colour brilliance, while there are absolutely no delays when devices are connected during collaborative work in the media room.

The TH-55VF1HW image optimization technology includes pre-calibrated display modes for various environments and content. When a number of screens are used as in the EY CFOspace, colour adjustment and frame synchronization ensure flowing, flicker-free movements.

Because the room is flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications, it is in great demand. The CFOspace in Eschborn is now used for internal meetings, conferences, workshops and customer events. Other companies also hire it in order to take advantage of its benefits.

The displays from Panasonic allow more efficient, purposeful work.

"We're delighted that EY opted for seamless displays from Panasonic for the CFOspace," said Eduard Gajdek, Field Marketing Manager at Panasonic. "The TH-55VF1HW is our leading professional video wall display and combines the latest generation of image enhancement technologies with a robust IPS panel. As a result, natural colour reproduction and maximum visibility are maintained, even at extreme viewing angles."The companies involved received the coveted Sinus Award for the CFOspace at this year's Prolight & Sound.


The EY CFOspace is a complete success for everyone involved and will set the standard for future collaboration rooms. EY is planning other digital labs of this type around the world. The next one will follow next year.

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