Projection Artworks choose Panasonic’s brightest laser projectors for the tallest projection mapping show ever undertaken.

Panasonic has partnered with Projection Artworks to redefine the limits of projection mapping.

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Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ31K


To deliver three spectacular large scale projection mapping shows, including the largest show ever undertaken.


To use over 70 Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors across all three shows to produce the highest quality images.

"“We can use Panasonic’s trusted, well respected products for our projects across the globe.”"

Projection Artworks are an award winning creative production company specialising in digital installations and shows and events. Using 70 Panasonic projectors and 148 million pixels, Projection Artworks created, developed and staged three large scale spectacular projection mapping shows, in three different locations across the globe.

One project involved undertaking the biggest outdoor projection mapping show ever attempted on the newly constructed, Azreili Sarona Tower. "Our skyline takeovers have all utilised Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors to create gigantic, seamless canvases. It is our trusty workhorse on our skyline shows, its powerful 31,000 lumen output allows our projections to be bright and bold in the toughest conditions," said Jackson Tayler, Head of Technology, Projection Artworks.

"We can use Panasonic's trusted, well respected products for our projects across the globe."

The shows aimed to redefine the limits of projection, hoping to break records and deliver captivating experiences. For example, The Macallan project in Scotland, involved creating a momentous opening night for the prestigious whisky brand which told the story of The Macallan by incorporating video content, 3D mapping techniques and lighting design. The projection took place on the famous distillery which is impressively designed to blend in with the landscape.

"The project featured the most intricate canvas and used many PT-RZ31Ks to lift the unique architecture from the Scottish backdrop in a vivid and spectacular way," adds Jackson Tayler.

The scale of the project meant that the projectors had to be reliable and adaptable under a variety of conditions. Trevor Nichol, Production Manager, Projection Artworks explains "The PT-RZ31K 3-Chip DLP™ is lightweight and easily transportable laser projector aimed at the rental, events and large venue market. "It not only gives us a long life, high contrast light source; but due to the lower power consumption (just under 11Amps) it allows us to do much more with fewer power constraints.” Projection Artworks aim to set up at the projectors, for several shows across several different continents meant that this was an important consideration.

"Using the PT-RZ31K on all our projects meant we could apply the right number of lumens per square meter for the ambient light of the surroundings and also get enough light to allow all of the different building materials to appear unified, from glazing and wood to glass, all of these materials acted as one," says Trevor.

"The colour reproduction and accuracy meant that from our testbed in our studio to our projection on-site we had a colour workflow that heroes the creative and made sure no subtlety was lost."

The PT-RZ31K is known as the industry's 'workhorse' projector due to its durability and reliability for shows of this nature.

"The geometry management tools are critical to our on-site setup as it affords us the ability to use a single output and have two projectors overlaid in a redundant arrangement. The tool is precise and means our content always looks pixel perfect."

"All of our skyline takeovers haveutilised Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors to create gigantic, seamless canvases."

The final project was a mapping show on the Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain, for Gulf Air. It involved an aviation style projection for the launch of their new aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner. The end result of this impressive spectacle can be viewed as part of Projection Artworks show reel here:

About Projection Artworks:

Projection Artworks is a creative production company with a specialist animation studio; creating projected art and video-mapping for events, installations, conferences, PR stunts and experiential activity. Often working with the world's top brands and agencies. Projection Artworks is the only one of its kind to offer full-scale creative and production services under one roof.

Make your next show or immersive experience brighter by contacting Projection Artworks on 02031300740.

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