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Two Cost-Efficient Lines Unveiled at ISE 2020: PT-RZ790 Series for Events & Exhibition and the PT-FRZ60 Series for Higher Education.

Panasonic is expanding its 1-Chip DLP™ laser projector line-up with the PT-RZ790 Series for museums and exhibition spaces and the PT-FRZ60 Series for high-school and university classrooms. A clear, bright display in a well-lit classroom and minimal noise are essential for an ideal education environment. Similarly, exhibition designers use natural or tailored lighting to enhance their displays, and require quiet projection to welcome visitors into a calming atmosphere. The Panasonic PT-RZ790 Series and PT-FRZ60 Series 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors are engineered for these environments, serving high-visibility images under lights with almost no noise. They will be available in Autumn 2020.

Bright and colour-rich images in well-lit rooms

Both projector series are built around a SOLID SHINE Laser with DLP™ imaging to produce high-quality images at WUXGA resolution from a compact design. The Quartet Colour Harmoniser expands colour-gamut by adjusting wheel timing and colour-filter parameters for more accurate white balance and vivid colour expression.

Light, quiet, and compact projectors are easy to install

Efficient cooling suppresses noise to 36 dB (Normal Mode) for the PT-RZ790 Series and 27 dB[1] (Silent Mode) for the PT-FRZ60 Series, minimising distractions. Projector bodies weigh just 23.2 kg (PT-RZ790 Series including standard lens) and 16.3 kg[2] (PT-FRZ60 Series) for easy handling. The PT-FRZ60 Series has a 2.0x optical zoom, enabling installation almost anywhere on the ceiling.

All models support 4K signal input[3] via HDMI® (dual inputs for the PT-FRZ60 Series) and DIGITIAL LINK, while the PT-FRZ60 Series adds CEC compatibility over HDMI and a powered USB outlet for streaming dongles or Stick PCs. Extensive connectivity makes projector replacement easy while enabling high-quality media transmission and display on various devices. The PT-RZ790 Series supports the new Panasonic Smart Projector Control app for iOS and Android™ devices[4], enabling control of multiple or individual projectors. More than just an alternative to line-of-sight IR remotes, the app offers intuitive OSD navigation and projector auto-focusing function using the mobile device’s built-in camera[5].

Legendary SOLID SHINE Laser Reliability

The PT-RZ790 Series and PT-FRZ60 Series feature Panasonic-original filterless cooling with hermetically sealed DMD blocks and shielded lasers, which contribute to 20,000 hours[6] of maintenance-free projection, a linear brightness ramp, and high colour retention. Multi Monitoring & Control Software features optional Early Warning functions[7] to prevent unexpected downtime by alerting the operator before problems occur. To add another layer of insurance for public exhibitions where display must always be maintained, the PT-RZ790 also has Backup Input[8] switching if the primary signal is interrupted.

The PT-RZ790 Series and PT-FRZ60 Series are available in Autumn 2020. For more information, please visit Booth 1-H20, Hall 1, ISE2020, Amsterdam RAI, February 11–14, or visit  or

[1] FRZ50 only. FRZ60 operates at 30 dB in Silent Mode.

[2] FRZ50 only. FRZ60 weighs 16.6 kg.

[3] 4K signals are resized to 1920 x 1200 pixels upon projection.

[4] Check the App Store or the Google Play store for minimum device and OS requirements.

[5] Auto Focus function may not be supported on some devices.

[6] Around this time, light output will have decreased by approximately 50 %. IEC62087: 2008 Broadcast Contents, NORMAL Mode, Dynamic Contrast [ON], temperature 35 °C (95 °F), elevation 700 m (2,297 ft) with 0.15 mg/m3 of airborne particulate matter. Estimated time until brightness decreases to 50 % will vary depending on environment and usage conditions. Parts other than the light source may require replacement before 20,000 hours, and checkup is recommended around this time.

[7] Early Warning Functions (ET-SWA100) are included free with Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.0 or later (free download), but require a paid license key and activation at the PASS website to continue use after a 90-day trial period. Visit for more information.

[8] Combination of primary/backup input terminals is fixed. Backup Input function enabled when input signal to primary/backup terminals is the same.

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