Photorealistic virtual sets and augmented reality


by Brainstorm

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Key features

Patented TrackFree technology, allows combining tracking and trackless environments
Advanced rendering: Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine, real-time ray tracing, PBR and HDR
Augmented Reality with data-driven graphics
Includes an internal chroma keyer, and allows for any external hardware chroma keyer
Connectivity to any broadcast workflow: graphics, mixers, newsroom, automation and much more.

Photorealistic virtual sets and augmented reality

Forget all you know about Virtual Studios.

Anything can be accomplished with InfinitySet, from simple virtual sets with fixed cameras to advanced and complex productions involving tracked cameras, external feeds with embedded tracking data and data driven graphics interacting in real-time with the set and the talents. InfinitySet’s advanced technologies are also user-friendly, providing the best tool to create amazing programs that engage viewers.

InfinitySet is the all-in-one virtual set and real-time 3D graphics solution, not just for showcasing a number of extremely advanced technologies, but also for the flexibility this solution gives to operators and producers alike. Brainstorm’s award-winning InfinitySet dramatically enhances production value to capture and retain new and larger audiences, while greatly reducing production costs and opening up new sources of revenue.

InfinitySet features Brainstorm’s unique Combine Render Engine, which provides with the best of both worlds, the high-quality scene rendering of Epic Games Unreal Engine with the advanced graphics, typography and external data management of the eStudio render engine. This brings together the quality of the game engines with the advanced requirements of broadcast workflows.


  • AW-RP150
  • AW-UE150