Enabling a digital future for the ports industry

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Access the benefits of digitisation across the ports industry

From ocean freighters and shipping terminals, through to the storage, logistics and transport operations that enable the onward movement of goods, digital transformation is underway across the ports industry.

But to unlock the many advantages of digitisation – greater efficiency, productivity, speed, control and visibility – businesses at every stage of the supply chain need to digitalise their processes and to equip their teams with the right technology.

An essential element of the new digital toolkit are reliable mobile solutions (from devices to software and vehicle mounted solutions) – and for that, there’s one name that leads the world: TOUGHBOOK from Panasonic.

Specialist support across the port eco-system

How rugged mobile solutions enables digital transformation at every stage of the supply chain.

For ocean freighters

  • Always-on communication with the port
  • Greater traffic and cargo control
  • Faster, more efficient cargo tracking and inspection
  • Accurate digital documentation, accessed anywhere

For port operators

  • Streamlined, automated unloading and loading operations
  • Greater control of containers and cranes, and cargo identification
  • Improved on-the-ground supervision – including oil tanker supervision

For logistics operations

  • Complete monitoring and supervision of ground operations
  • Real-time collection and despatch management
  • Always-on, multi-site communication
  • Flexible, accurate digital documentation

For storage and warehousing

  • Smart inventory management, updated in real time
  • Faster, error-free scanning and goods management
  • Constant productivity of forklift operators

For inland transport

  • Fast authentication and cargo sign-off processes
  • Route navigation and task scheduling
  • Constant connectivity to HQ

What sets TOUGHBOOK solutions apart in the ports industry?

Tougher than the rest
TOUGHBOOK devices are drop and dust resistant, have glove and rain-enabled touchscreens, and can withstand the vibrations and extreme temperatures regularly encountered in port environments.

Full-shift power
To make sure access to power is never a barrier to productivity, TOUGHBOOK devices feature extended battery life, with dual battery slots and hot-swap technology for increased uptime.

Easier to handle
TOUGHBOOK tablets and handheld devices are thinner, lighter and more ergonomic than most rugged devices, with some including angled barcode scanners that reduce RSI.

Constant connectivity
The world-leading connectivity found in every TOUGHBOOK means uninterrupted access to vital cargo information, delivery scheduling and communications, and the ability to capture and share data on the move.

Seamless integration
TOUGHBOOK provides optional integration with legacy business solutions, such as terminal emulation software, Omnia for bespoke inventory management software applications including voice control, and configurable ports to fit seamlessly into existing digital systems.

Specialist support
Our rugged technology is not only designed to last longer than you’d expect from any other tablet or handheld, they also come with a range of professional support services and warranty options to meet the specific requirements of every customer. Dedicated engineering support follows customers step-by-step during the implementation of our solutions.

Customised solutions
Vehicle-mounted solutions and customised options are added to our devices to meet specific customer requirements.

TOUGHBOOK in action within the ports industry

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