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5G TOUGHBOOK Private Network

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A new era of smart, super-fast networks has begun. All the benefits of the 5G Private Network in the palm of your hand.

Panasonic Connect & TOUGHBOOK

Your ideal 5G Partner

Combining the best of 5G network benefits with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices built for 5GSA and the technical support from an experienced industry vendor.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Consultancy/Testing/Setup/Installation
  • SIM card setup
  • 5G network management

Consultancy and support enabling you to manage your own network independently.

The Power of Private 5G

Made Simple

Building on our decades-long experience of wireless technologies we offer a comprehensive solution for private 5G networks enabling totally new applications and use-cases. While our device works smoothly within a private 5G environment, we offer full support in planning, installing, operating, and maintaining such networks.

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

4G to 5G

5th Generation wireless technology (5G) enhances the speed and efficiency of communication between devices, leading to higher mobility and seamless real-time applications.

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Faster download and upload speeds

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Faster response times through Lower Latency

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Increased network capacity

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Better reliability and connectivity

Who will benefit​ from a private 5G network?

Organisations operating in sectors where these are critical to business operations and competitive advantage​

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High-speed mobility and uninterrupted connectivity

Real-time communication icon

Real-time communication and applications

Flexibility icon

Flexibility without cables

Increased security icon

Increased security

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Support for IoT devices and applications

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Being able to say that you have a 5G module inside a tablet or notebook is not enough to ensure proper data flow in a 5GPN network.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 and TOUGHBOOK G2 models are among the very few devices on the market to use 5GSA modules, thus offering improved performance and lower latency.

5G TOUGHBOOK G2 & TOUGHBOOK 40 Implementation

To utilise a private 5G network, devices need two criteria; a chip that supports the licensed sub-6 band, and a licence for the chip to support 5GSA.  We have manufactured and designed the only two rugged devices that are equipped for Private 5G – the TOUGHBOOK G2 and the TOUGHBOOK 40, each sporting our own TOUGHBOOK tested and manufactured antenna.

G2 and 40

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At Panasonic we are supporting the adoption of 5G private networks across Europe combining the best of 5G network benefits with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices built for 5GSA and the technical support from experienced industry vendors. Get in touch by filling out the form.


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