Vacuum insulated cooling box


For consistent temperature transportation of pharmaceuticals and vaccines: Vacuum-insulated cooling boxes and accessories with built-in wireless vacuum sensors

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For consistent temperature transportation of pharmaceuticals and vaccines

Designed to meet the challenges of cold chain transportation for biopharmaceuticals, investigational drugs and vaccines that require strict temperature controls.

VIXELL features patented vacuum insulation and in-box health-monitoring technology for guaranteed insulation performance, goods protection and long-lasting cooling power.

Panasonic has been developing thermal insulation technologies for more than 70 years.

The perfect fit for multiple scenarios

Whether its for last mile transportation, international transport, temporary storage or direct to patient transportation, VIXELL keeps the cool in your cold supply chain. 


Consisting of:

  • Patented Vacuum Insulated Case (VIC) design reduces cold leakage
  • Added protection from drops and vibrations
  • Adaptability to different temperature zones (saves resources and budget)
  • Wireless in-box health monitoring
  • IoT connectivity
  • Easy use and maintenance

Benefits for you and your customers

A smarter structure and long-time cooling

VIXELL brings up a variety of benefits for both: you and your customers. 

Robust structure and long-time cooling

No joints. No cold leakage.

Conventional insulated boxes are manufactured by joining Vacuum Insulated panels (VIPs) together, but cool air commonly leaks through the gaps where the panels join. VIXELL virtually eliminates cold air leakage from joints. How? By doing away with joints altogether.

VIXELL's thermal insulation layer (the most important part of a cooling box) utilises Panasonic's patented Vacuum Insulated Case (VIC) design, a seamless, integrally-moulded body, with no joints.

As a result, -75 °C ± 15 °C can be maintained for up to 18 days.*

* The vacuum insulated cooling box Type-L (AE-V 12 UXR) houses a dry ice thermal storage unit (AE-V 12 DXR) and 34 kg of dry ice is filled in the cooling box and storage box. Including only a simulated product of size 231 x 231 x 40 mm, measure the number of days the temperature is maintained at 30 °C and -75 °C ± 15 °C.

Strength and stamina

Protection from drops and vibrations

Unlike VIPs, which are covered in a thin layer of aluminium and plastic film, the VIXELL cooling box is covered in a plastic sheet layer. This gives it outstanding durability and resistance to cracks. Both inside and out are protected by a 'buffer' layer, helping reduce the risk of damage should the box be subjected to drops or vibrations during transportation.

Even if the dry ice sublimates and reduces in volume, VIXELL's buffer layer prevents the storage area carrying the contents from bumping into the outer case.

Wireless in-box health monitoring

For pre-journey peace of mind

Transporation or long-term use very often damages or deteriorates traditional vacuum insulation products, diminishing their insulation performance.

VIXELL's VIC is equipped with a wireless vacuum sensor unit that uses contactless power supply technology, so its thermal insulation performance can be easily checked before a journey. Simply place the box on a dedicated inspection board.

Adaptable to different temperature zones

Thinking inside the box

Appropriate transportation temperatures are determined by the type of drugs and vaccines in question. With traditional coolers, it can often be necessary to change the outer box for each and every set temperature range.

But with VIXELL, the same outer box can cater for a wide range of temperature zones (to approx. -70°C, approx -20°C, 2°C - 8°C, 15°C - 25°C) by simply changing the inner thermal storage unit. Conserving resources, and enhancing work efficiency.

IoT connectivity

Monitor internal conditions, externally

Unlike conventional VIPs - which are covered in aluminium film - VICs allow the transmission of radio waves, so the VIXELL cool box and easily connect to IoT devices. By installing temperature or GPS sensors inside, users can monitor the internal condition of the box without having to open it.

VIXELL in action

Last mile transporation to medical facilities

Ultimate cooling performance and built-in wireless vacuum sensor for pre-journery insulation inspection, means products can be tranported to multiple destinations safely.

International transportation

Long cooling times allow for transport from the country of origin to destination without the need for refrigerant transhipment.

Temporary storage

Use for temporary storage of medical supplies in cases of power outages due to natural disasters.

Direct-to-Patient (DtP) transport

Transport refrigerated and investigational products when patients and/or experiment subjects cannot visit the hospital or medical centre.

The Panasonic VIXELL lineup

Two box sizes. Four temperature zones.

Cooling box Type-L

Large capacity, ideal for transportation.

Type-L large capacity box
Model numberAE-V12UXR
Box external dimensions545x495x450 mm
Unit weight7kg

Type-L thermal storage unit options

With dedicated phase change materials With dedicated phase change materials 
Internal dimension 320×270×220 mmInternal dimension 336×292×255 mmInternal dimension 316×269×213 mmInternal dimension 320×270×296 mm

Cooling box Type-S

Lightweight and compact. Ideal for deliveries.

Cooling box Type-S
Model numberAE-V06GXR
Box external dimensions480x350x355 mm
Unit weight5kg

Type-S thermal storage unit options

With dedicated phase change materialsWith dedicated phase change materialsWith dedicated phase change materials 
Internal dimension 243×154×129 mmInternal dimension 300×163×164 mmInternal dimension 265×130×135 mmInternal dimension 299×157×211 mm

*Dry ice not included

Product composition

Vacuum insulated case (VIC)
The integrally molded, seamless housing prevents cold air leaking through gaps, enhancing cooling performance. Keep -75oC±15oC for 18 days.

Shock resistant
Shock-resistant parts protect the VIC against damage from drops.

If you want to use for other temperature zones, simply change the thermal storage unit.

Quality record
A wireless sensor enables instant quantitative measurement of heat insulation performance. Simply place on the Inspection Board.

Technical testing data

Damage test

Test scenario - ISTA 6-FedEx-A

Overview - Evaluation assuming air shipping environment

(Temperature profile is based on international Safe Transit Association)

Issued - Aug.,2019 (This report uses specimen which has been evaluated for ISTA-6-FedEx-A.)

Performance test (2°C ~ 8°C)

Test scenario - ISTA 7D (summer profile)

Overview - Evaluation assuming air shipping environment

(Temperature profile is based on international Safe Transit Association)

Issued - Aug.,2019 (This report uses specimen which has been evaluated for ISTA-6-FedEx-A.)

Performance test (Dry ice)

Test scenario - ISTA 7D (summer profile)

Overview - Evaluation assuming air shipping environment

(Temperature profile is based on international Safe Transit Association)

Issued - Apr.,2021

Your questions answered.

General questions

The word itself is a part-acronym, part visual play on the term 'Vacuum insulation provides excellent benefits'. We want it to serve as a reminder of the advantages that our innovative vacuum insulation technology brings to the cold supply chain. The name is currently under application for trademark registration.

We currently offer two VIXELL models. Type-L is out large-capacity box, ideal for transportation. Type-S is lightweight and compact, suitable for deliveries. We hope to expand the lineup based on feedback from business partners and users in the future.

Yes, it is. VIXELL consists of a vacuum insulation casing and a thermal storage unit, and can accomodate various temperature zones by changing the thermal storage unit in the vacuum insulation housing.

We highly recommend you only use the thermal storage unit designed exclusively for VIXELL. In order to maximise cooling capacity, the layout of the medicine chest and thermal storage agent has been taken into consideration, so cooling performance cannot be guaranteed if parts that are not engineered by Panasonic for VIXELL are employed.

No, they are not included.

VIXELL passes the 6-FedEx-A drop test* specified by the International Safety Transport Association (ISTA), but please mark the box as fragile, and handle with care.

Please also be mindful that the Type-L dry ice model is evaluated using internal standards, not official ISTA assessments. Nevertheless, this product has passed our strict internal evaluations based on ISTA standards, and therefore, is considered to be sufficiently durable for normal aircraft delivery.

*Drop 1-corner, 3-side, and 6 side from a height of approx. 760 mm above the floor.

VIXELL is designed to accommodate biopharmaceutical, investigational drugs, and vaccine storage.

VIXELL contains a mechanism to release the air pressure increased by dry ice. However, please refrain from using VIXELL in an environment where the outside
temperature exceeds 40°C, or combining a heat source with dry ice (which may cause the dry ice to subimate rapidly.)

We recommend a range from 15°C to 25°C for high temperature use. For low temperature use, we recommend using the dry ice band (-70°C or below).

While we are not actively considering other temperature zones currently, we may evaluate upon request.

The service is limited to Japan at the moment.

The quality of insulation during transportation cannot be verified. Onsite inspection equipment is used only to inspect insulation performance before using VIXELL.


Your questions answered.

Technical features

The urethane used in VIXELL is specifically designed for vacuum insulation.

This was achieved through the fusion of technologies cultivated in the plastic moulding and urethane foaming of refrigerators, and technologies for handling invisible vacuum in vacuum insulation panels. (An offering unique to Panasonic.)

We use Near Field Communication (NFC). As such, no power supply is required in the unit to operate its wireless power supply system.

Cooling times are measured in an environment with an ambient temperature of 30°C. It may be shorter under higher temperatures. The box should not be left in direct sunlight, or in a vehicle in summer, for long periods of time.

It depends on the usage environment, but we predict a life expectancy of several years.

Although VIXELL is not specifically designed for delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, it has been proven to retain the temperature zone required for their storage.
Before using the product, please check with the vaccine manufacturer or appropriate medical personnel regarding shipping methods.

General storage temperatures of the major COVID-19 vaccines are:

Pfizer: -75°C ± 15°C

AstraZeneca: 2°C - 8°C

Moderna: -20°C ± 5°C

Specifications table

Box external dimensionsType S: 480x350x355 mm Type L: 545x495x450 mm
Unit WeightType S: 5 kg Type L: 7 kg
Thermal storage unit optionsType S: AE-V06R5 AE-V06C5R AE-V06S4R AE-V06DXR* Type L: AE-V12R5R AE-V12C5R AE-V12S4R AE-V12DXR* *Dry ice not included
With dedicated phase change materialsType S: AE-V06R5R : yes AE-V06C5R : yes AE-V06S4R : yes AE-V06DXR* : no Type L: AE-V12R5R : yes AE-V12C5R : no AE-V12S4R : yes AE-V12DXR* : no *Dry ice not included
Temperature RangeType S: AE-V06R5 : 20°C±5°C AE-V06C5R : 5°C±3°C AE-V06S4R : -20°C±5°C AE-V06DXR* : -75°C±15°C Type L: AE-V12R5R : 20°C±5°C AE-V12C5R : 5°C±3°C AE-V12S4R : 5°C±3°C AE-V12DXR* : 5°C±3°C *Dry ice not included
Internal dimensionType S: AE-V06R5 : 243×154×129 mm AE-V06C5R : 300×163×164 mm AE-V06S4R : 265×130×135 mm AE-V06DXR* : 299×157×211 mm Type L: AE-V12R5R : 320×270×220 mm AE-V12C5R : 336×292×255 mm AE-V12S4R : 316×269×213 mm AE-V12DXR* : 320×270×296 mm *Dry ice not included
Weight thermal storage unitType S: AE-V06R5 : 7 kg AE-V06C5R : 8 kg AE-V06S4R : 11 kg AE-V06DXR* : 2 kg Type L: AE-V12R5R : 11 kg AE-V12C5R : 11 kg AE-V12S4R : 16 kg AE-V12DXR* : 4 kg *Dry ice not included
Inspection BoardAE-VXXCXR (Board) AMI2450X/08C/U-PAP (R/W) To check thermal insulation performance
Freezer SpacerAE-V06A01 Use when freezing PCM in layers
Vital TrayFor use with COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine only. Not for use with other vaccines. AE-V06A02 - Can store 65 vials(φ16.5)/1pc AE-V12A02 - Can store 195 vials(φ16.5)/1pc.
Service materialType S: 20°C±50°C: AE-V06RER 5°C±3°C: AE-V06CER - 20°C±5°C: AE-V06SDR Type L: 20°C±50°C: AE-V12RER 5°C±3°C: AE-V12CER - 20°C±5°C: AE-V12SDR

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