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The new Smart Store at Panasonic Campus Munich

Welcome to the Panasonic Campus Munich - the corporate brand centre for Panasonic in Europe. My name is Doris. I’m your tour guide demonstrating the latest technology solutions for the supply chain in our experience centre in Munich. Our retail Solution section has been updated and it’s worth exploring!

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Written by
Doris Uçal

Content Marketing Specialist and CXC Tour Guide

The physical retail sector still faces massive changes due to online shopping. Global purchasing platforms and low-cost shipping alternatives are changing customer behavioursand preferences. Bricks-and-mortar stores do need to go the extra mile to offer their customers an experience on the one hand and stay profitable with less resources on the other hand. At this point, the smart store can make the difference. But what technology solutions can make a store smart and more appealing -there is more than just one answer. 

Digital Signage

Attractive digital signage, using the latest displays and projectors can be used to engage with customers and provide memorable experiences. In front of the store, in the store, everywhere. For personalized advertising within a store. But also, to plan and run campaigns centrally managed across several stores. Professional displays with high brightness from 43” to 98” and 4K are Panasonic in house technology. For high-traffic environments and always-on operation. The energy-efficient technology gives store operators the freedom to display messages far and wide. LED backlighting and IPS panels provide high impact & pin-sharp images in all locations. We use our expertise as manufacturer and direct access to developers to work with leading signage solution providers to develop next level applications. Our digital signage solutions can be connected and integrated into the overall store concept. Connected with Electronics Shelf Labels or the shop camera systems, the customer experience can be enhanced.

Digital Campaigns

Engage rail systems from our partner SES with LCD display technologies is an integrated in-store marketing solution enabling retailers to run dynamic campaigns in-store, delivered instantly to the shelf edge. Retailers can create digital campaigns for several touchpoints, including monitoring and measuring sales performances for campaign-related products​. Engage touchpoints can embed dynamic price tags and are connected to the POS system, which enables automatic price changes. Additionally, Engage assess the true impact of activation on inventory in near real-time. 

Supply Chain Services: Shelf Availability & Out of Stock Detection

Captana is an IoT camera and sensor system combined with a cloud-based software that detects the on-shelf stock availability and planogram compliance in store. And it’s all GDPR compliant. The system analyzes the shelf to reduce waste, improve shelf availability and internal processes. Captana enhances planogram compliance with out-of-stock capability and facing validation and sends ROI-focused KPIs and stockouts alerts in real-time​.

Planogram Compliance

Headquarters generally generate a store-specific or cluster planogram for their markets. Sometimes retailers have thousands of them – one for each store. Our subsidiary Blue Yonder has one of the leading platforms to optimize the planogram in a store regarding facings, depth and positioning of products. We connect that in the CXC directly to the shelf. Once the planogram changes, store employees receive a notification to review the updates and to implement facing changes in the store. After, staff confirms the implementation by sending a photo. Electronic Shelf Labels are then triggered automatically to display the updates just in time. Finally, the store manager can review the planogram compliance. The planogram-to-go application is easy to embed in existing systems and achieves better shelf compliance by synchronizing planograms, shelves, and electronic labels.

Upgrade Functions on Electronic Shelf Labels

Thanks to Blue Yonder's Order Fulfillment and Luminate Software Suite, Electronic Shelf Labels offer a variety of meaningful upgrade functionalities. To provide detailed information to customers, the customer facing can show various product information for example nutrition details or product origin. With this staff facing function, ESLs can be used to display replenishment information. Useful insights such as shelf, position or facings can be displayed on the ESLs so that staff know how products are supposed to be placed. Lastly, supply chain information can be shown on the ESLs such as replenishment stock information.

Pick by Voice

Voice picking is an essential part of an effective click and collect service for modern retailers. Thanks to Blue Yonder's software suite and voice picking application, staff can easily, hands-free, collect products that customers have ordered online. 

Get the experience!

As seen, a lot of technology options are available to support retailers towards a digital future – leading to less resources needed, less costs, and more customer loyalty. I am happy to guide you around in our Panasonic Campus Munich. Book your free tour today.

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