Innovating Assembly Processes for Odd-Shaped Manufacturing

Thinking about manufacturing, we often think of big production facilities with fully automated production and assembly lines. This could be the case for many regular shaped components to be placed on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Looking towards the reality, many electronics products and boards are equipped with odd-shaped components that are even often still placed manually.

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Jérôme Clouet
Global Key Account Manager

A technological marvel

As industries worldwide seek to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and adapt to dynamic market demands, the concept of overall automated manufacturing is nothing new and has emerged as a pivotal strategy. However, but what about automating the placement of odd-shaped components? At this point, our Panasonic NPM-VF machine – a technological marvel revolutionizing smart factory assembly lines – comes in. 

The all-rounder pick-and-place machine

NPM-VF is a combined all-rounder pick-and-place machine handling both: SMT and THT components as standard or odd-form components in one placement order. With the NPM-VF, Panasonic has created a platform which makes economical automation in power electronics possible. The technology of the NPM-VF is based on the successful NPM series, and therefore achieves a level of quality in terms of robustness, placement quality and flexibility which has never been achieved before in the industry.

SMD and THT components placement at one time

The odd-form placement machine NPM-VF has been created in accordance with customer requirements. The two portals working in parallel, each with up to three placement heads, provide maximum placement performance with simultaneous flexibility. The SMD and THT components are placed by one placement head per portal. A wide variety of vacuum pipettes and grippers are available. It reaches a speed of up to 4,500cph and can process component sizes from 5x5mm up to 130x35mm and 60mm height.

Active cutting and clinching tools are integrated which detach THT components from the radial and axial feeders. Clinching directions as well as pin lengths per THT component can be defined via the assembly program. Beside the radial and axial feeders, the NPM-VF can be equipped with some standard feeder systems from SMD applications.

Cycle-optimized production

The flexible NPM-VF is an ideal machine for cycle-optimized production, especially for companies that must process both types of components due to the increased demand from power electronics for THT assemblies. Overall, this placement machine contributes to reduce manpower requirements and to consistent production with high productivity, flexibility and high-quality pick and place results.


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