It’s not Robocop but mobile tech is helping Police and Emergency services across Europe

The role of mobile tech in helping to make the working lives of police officers easier, is a subject close to the heart of Daichi Kato. Here he explains how Panasonic’s European focus on the needs of police forces and wider public sector is helping.

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It’s not Robocop but mobile tech is helping Police and Emergency services across Europe

Daichi's father was a Tokyo Metropolitan Police officer

I have very sentimental childhood memories and, to this day, a great sense of pride that my father served in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. I’m lucky enough to have some great family photos that remind me of that time; me riding on the front of the motorcycle and standing with the family in front of his police car. I think this upbringing, combined with my role at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, is one of the main reasons to this day that I am fascinated by the role mobile technology can play in helping the police, the emergency services and wider public sector.

Listening to the requirements of European police forces 

Take the police force, for example. When we talked with and listened to European police forces they told us that data and device security, the ability to use the device in all weathers and support for transitioning from traditional to tech-enabled methods was critical to them – as well as ensuring that the devices could fit into Europe’s smaller vehicles.

As a result, we have prioritised areas such as removable and encrypted drives for data security, continued to improve our rugged and ergonomic design and added professional services capabilities to help with everything from the fast creation of new application software to designing specialist vehicle docks for any size vehicle. 

This process of focus, listening and responding to needs is being well received by the emergency services and the wider public sector. It’s terrific to see  London police officers, where I live now, using Panasonic TOUGHBOOK  devices as they go about their work in the community.

And we continue to develop, to meet their evolving needs. Take, for example, the plans for the emergency services’ communication networks to be replaced across Europe. Our devices will be fit for purpose with the latest communication systems as they come online. In the UK, Panasonic was the first to have a Microsoft Windows device authorised for use on the new Emergency Services Network (ESN).

When I hear comments, such as those from an officer at Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, who said: “We are only just scratching the surface of the capabilities of the TOUGHBOOK. We’re looking forward to unlocking even more potential.” It reminds me of Panasonic’s Business Philosophy and in particular its commitment to “Contribution to Society.” We are a business, but also one with a social purpose and it’s great to know that our solutions are so valued. 

Possibly, the most heart-warming response I have received to date, was at a recent presentation when I was sharing my police-related family history and photos. An officer took the time to email me with photos of his father in uniform. He said my presentation had struck a chord with him and reminded him that the only technology his father had carried on duty in 1950’s Britain was his police-issue whistle. How times have changed. Hopefully Panasonic‘s focus on providing the best rugged mobile computing devices to the public sector across Europe is helping to make our communities safer for everyone.

Stop 2: Daichi´s career at Panasonic

During my time working for Panasonic in the US, I was pleased to see the widespread adoption of our rugged mobile computing devices across the emergency services and public sector. In fact, public sector was the leading area for sales. I compared this to the numbers when I joined Panasonic TOUGHBOOK in Europe in 2018 and was surprised  that, in comparison with the US, we were significantly less represented in the public sector. “What was the reason?”, I asked. “The US police cars and emergency services vehicles are much bigger than ours. There is much more room to fit a TOUGHBOOK device”, they suggested. 

I knew this couldn’t be the only reason and after much research, dialogue and now some great successes, I have come to realise that the reason was our prioritisation… not the small cars! As mobile workforces have evolved, so have their needs for specialist mobile computing devices and although there are needs that transcend industry sectors, most mobile workforces prioritise there needs differently.



Find out more about TOUGHBOOK for the emergency services.

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