Pioneering B2B Solutions: Unveiling the Role of a Technology Expert

at Panasonic Campus Munich

As an engineer working at Panasonic Connect Europe, my journey spans nine years, focusing on Supply Chain Solutions tailored for the Retail and Logistics sectors. Beyond the routine of technical configurations and product enhancements, my role extends to being an engineering expert at the innovative Panasonic Campus Munich, Panasonic’s brand center for Europe, where technology converges with experiential demonstrations.

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My role at Panasonic Campus Munich

Each day brings a blend of technical intricacies and customer-centric solutions. At the heart of my responsibilities lies the task of not just implementing but comprehensively understanding and aligning our solutions with our clients' requirements. This includes active engagement in configuring and installing our products while continually fine-tuning them to exceed expectations.

My engagement as an engineering expert at Panasonic Campus Munich is a privilege that allows me to demonstrate our technological marvels in an immersive way. Managing the technical aspects of exhibits, conducting customer tours, and delivering detailed demonstrations are integral aspects of my role. These interactions not only unveil our solutions but also provide a platform to understand our clients' requirements in depth.

Highlights within the Campus

When asked about my favorite corner at the campus, each section represents a distinct facet of innovation. However, the Retail Corner stands out prominently. Its repertoire of integrated solutions holds the promise of shaping the future of physical retail. Personally, the Mobility section, particularly the e-bikes, resonates with my interest in technological advancements.

Discussing favored products, the Engage Rails in our Retail Corner take the spotlight. Their dynamic in-store marketing capabilities add a touch of sophistication to retail spaces, offering retailers the power to create engaging campaigns. Moreover, the Signage Solution's versatility, especially when combined with the FRAMR Player, unleashes a range of possibilities for projecting diverse content across different surfaces.

The Panasonic Campus Munich embodies a visionary concept, seamlessly intertwining technologies from various departments and areas of application. This set up serves as an ideal platform to showcase our customer-centric solutions in action and to foster synergies between departments. 

Actively engaged customer visits

My motivation and contribution for the Panasonic Campus Munich is based on the pleasure of introducing and presenting solutions within an interactive context. Witnessing visitors actively engage with our demos during tours brings immense satisfaction, as it signifies interest and comprehension of our technological prowess.

Reflecting on impactful experiences, conducting workshops and demonstrating intricate intralogistics solutions in collaboration with customers have been enlightening moments during the numerous tours I guided at the Panasonic Campus.

The future of retail experiences

Asked about the essentials for a Smart Store, I emphasize the central role of automation in enhancing competitiveness. Basic elements like Electronic Shelf Labels integrated with the POS system, coupled with innovative signage solutions, lay the foundation for a Smart Store. The fusion of AI-driven personalized advertising within the store space raises customer engagement and satisfaction, shaping the future of retail experiences.

In summary, my journey encompasses not just technical proficiency but also a deep understanding of customer needs. The Panasonic Campus Munich serves as a beacon of innovation, allowing us to showcase our solutions dynamically and foster an environment of collaborative growth and innovation.

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