Panasonic ensures high quality laser projection in the Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński in Warsaw

24 pieces of Panasonic laser projectors provide visitors with a unique experience.

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Client: Mt 5,14 | Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński

Location: Ks. Prymasa Augusta Hlonda 1, Warsaw, Poland

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ660


The main challenge was the choice of audiovisual technology to make maximum use of the existing ring-shaped space.


It turned out that the best solution would be to choose one model of projector, which could be used for projection for the entire exhibition, for different spaces and for projection on a curved surface.

"Based on our experience, if you choose Panasonic projectors, all you have to do is install the projector and forget about it - it works reliably for many years, especially with the latest laser technology, as in this case,"

Museum of John Paul II. and Primate of Wyszyński, Mt 5,14 is a Roman Catholic cultural and educational institution affiliated with the Warsaw Archdiocese, which pays tribute to two prominent Polish Catholic leaders: St. John Paul II, the first Polish pope, and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Archbishop of Warsaw and Gniezno.

The museum is located in the Temple of Divine Providence in the southern Wilanów district of Warsaw. The main exhibition is located in a dome in the shape of a ring of the Temple of Divine Providence at a height of 26 meters on an area of approximately 2,000 square meters.

Project evaluation

In the design phase, the oval spaces were divided into 14 multimedia thematic zones, including: a system of large-format multimedia projections, a sound system, an exhibition management system, an integrated control system and interconnection of all AV solutions with technical, electrical and lighting systems.

The combined edge blending projection with a length of 15,4 meters provides visitors with a very authentic experience. There are narrow passages in the exhibition space, where it is necessary to project an image with a base of 2 meters from a distance of more than 5 meters, as well as a spherical projection, which gives visitors the feeling that they are involved in important historical events. Equally important was the issue of handling the projectors and operating them.

For practical and service reasons, the end user wanted to choose one projector model that, thanks to a wide range of lenses, could be used in different spaces.

The project included:

  • Equipping all rooms with modern AV solutions including projectors, presentation monitors, interactive monitors, content management, control and preview systems and players
  • Large-format edge-blending projections on curved surfaces
  • AV over IP signal transmission system
  • Installation and commissioning of LAN and Wi-Fi network infrastructure
  • DALI standard light control system
  • AV devices monitoring system
  • The highest-quality sound from MEYER SOUND

Choosing the right product

Based on the end user's demanding requirements, the system integrator, SLX Sp. z o.o., chose 24 pieces Panasonic Laser projectors PT-RZ660LBEJ with ET-DLE030 and ET-DLE060 lenses. The compact body of the projector allowed the installation of 7 projectors on one “ring”, which merged with the space and did not disturb the architecture.

DLP™ technology is delivering high resolution in detail and the dual laser modules output a brightness of up to 6.200 lm (centre). Thanks to the long-lasting dual solid-state laser modules, there are no lamps that need to be replaced.

Advanced features

PT-RZ660 provides a variety of advanced features, such as DIGITAL LINK connectivity, portrait mode capability and multi-screen projection. Liquid cooling combined with a filter-less dust-resistant structure and airtight optical block reduces operational noise and maintenance requirements.

24/7 operation with failover protection

With the dual-drive laser optical engine, the laser diodes are grouped into two discrete modules. A failsafe redundancy circuit works to minimize the brightness and colour uniformity loss if a laser diode fails. In combination with the 20.000 hours maintenance-free projection period, the PT-RZ660 series is ideal for mission-critical applications.

Sales director of the SLX branch in Warsaw said: "we had no problems with choosing a projector supplier for this demanding and prestigious project. We have been working with Panasonic for many years and we have never been disappointed. The equipment is world-class and, most importantly, 100% reliable. These were one of the most important determinants of the use of this brand".

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