Complete solution for the construction industry with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and smino

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and smino, a Swiss provider of collaboration solutions for the construction industry, are cooperating. The aim of the cooperation is to offer robust mobile devices together with industry-specific software for digitizing construction projects.


An economical unit for construction projects - Panasonic tablets and smino construction software

For construction professionals who want to get started with digital construction site management with little initial effort, there is now a complete solution with coordinated components:

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK notebooks and tablets are based on long-term available processor platforms, which display complex 3D plan models smoothly and in detail on the ultra-bright, sharp display. Communication with cloud solutions is ensured via WLAN/4G LTE mobile communications, even under difficult reception conditions. A functional battery concept allows uninterrupted continuous operation over the full working shift. 

The integrated smino software application ensures smooth cooperation in the construction project with the following functions: 

  • Contact management with automatic update
  • Task and defect management 
  • Minutes including automatically generated task lists, decision lists and signature solution on the mobile device
  • Project room for the central filing of plans and documents, also for external printers
  • Journal including weather data and quick search function as well
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) capability.

This combination of hardware and software forms a perfect unit for all construction projects. General contractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, planners and construction workers thus have a cost-effective tool at hand to coordinate tasks effectively and quickly and to digitally document the construction progress. Everyone involved has full control over their construction projects at all times.


Durable hardware and secure app without high costs

TOUGHBOOK mobile devices from Panasonic with Android or Windows operating systems are designed for use outdoors, such as on construction sites. They are characterized by maximum reliability, operational readiness and handy operation even under difficult conditions. The durable construction ensures a clearly manageable investment with usage cycles of 3 to 5 years. If the fleet is expanded at a later date, both the mobile device and the certified accessories can be easily purchased during this period.

smino was developed by construction professionals to connect everyone involved in construction with one another using intuitive software. In this way, everyone has access to the relevant information in the construction process. Collaboration is simplified with easy-to-use collaborative tools. The data of the cloud-based application is stored on a high-security server in Zurich. smino runs on any standard internet browser. This app is available for download from the Google App Store for the Android tablet TOUGHBOOK A3.

Together with its partner smino, Panasonic offers a cost-effective all-in-one solution that ensures maximum productivity from day one. For example, the smino collaboration solution is available together with the 10" Android tablet TOUGHBOOK A3 in a special bundle, so that the price per user for a period of four years is CHF 80 per month.

"Panasonic mobile devices, such as the TOUGHBOOK A3 tablet, are perfect companions on construction sites," explains Sandor Balogh, founder of smino. "Through our partnership, we create complete offers for the modern Swiss construction industry. Collaboration, i.e. digital cooperation with the different trades, architects and planners, is crucial today in order to work on schedule and therefore cost-efficiently.”

"With the innovative collaboration software from smino and our TOUGHBOOK devices, construction companies have the ideal tools for their digitization concept at hand," says Michael Rosen, Key Account Manager at Panasonic Business. "Our many years of experience with robust devices for demanding working conditions are ideally bundled with the understanding and software developments of smino for the construction industry. The result is compact all-weather devices that, thanks to the software, cover all the important functions for those responsible for construction work in one solution.”

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