Panasonic and Roda Computer develop TOUGHBOOK 40 Military In-Vehicle Solution

The TOUGHBOOK 40 Military is the latest defence sector solution from the long-standing relationship between Panasonic and roda computer.

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Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division has today announced the TOUGHBOOK 40 Military variant, specially developed for use in military vehicles. The TOUGHBOOK 40 Military is the latest solution from the long-standing relationship between Panasonic and roda computer GmbH, which has a long history of configuring and customising TOUGHBOOK devices for various military applications.

Designed With Defence In-Mind

The TOUGHBOOK 40 is dust and water resistant to IP66 and tested to military standards MIL-STD810H. It can withstand a drop from a height of 180 cm and is resistant to shocks, vibrations and operating temperatures between -29°C and 63°C. The battery life can be extended to 36 hours, thanks to the hot-swappable function. If necessary, all radio and display functions can be immediately switched off when in ‘Concealed Mode’. Designed specifically for use inside military vehicles and fully compliant with defence sector regulations, the 14-inch TOUGHBOOK 40 Military builds upon the world’s premier rugged notebook for the defence industry. 

It’s configured to run on Windows 11 Pro and, with four expansion slots and military-grade interfaces, offers maximum flexibility. It features MILLAN for Ethernet connectivity for communication with other systems, MIL-DVI for connecting to external displays and two USB 2.0 interfaces for peripheral devices. Depending on the customer's requirements, additional interfaces can be implemented, for example CAN Bus, MIL-DP, MIL-VGA or USB 3.0. 

In addition, roda computer can also check whether a fibre solution can be integrated. It can also be equipped with the Eclypt® Core Encrypted Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) from global communications company, Viasat. The Viasat SSD is certified for use in the UK for securing Top Secret information and all security levels below, as well as certified for use by NATO and other European countries.

Military-Grade Connections Reduce Failure Rates

Additional peripherals are connected to the TOUGHBOOK 40 Military with defence-grade connectors (which can be merged into a single connector if necessary), with an optimised EMC connection also available. These connections can withstand significant in-vehicle vibrations, and are also resistant to drops of liquid, dust, and moisture. The bayonet and screw plugs are easy to connect, even when wearing gloves. When compared with commercial devices, the robust nature of military-grade connections ensure fewer component failures. 

This allows for increased device uptime and connectivity in the most challenging of environments. Florian Aschmoneit, CTO at roda computer, says: "Digitalisation has increased demand for mobile IT in the military, and more robust hardware. Users and decision-makers want devices that provide high levels of performance, as well as being as compact as possible, and equipped with military-grade secure interfaces and connections for a wide range of applications. As a result, modular devices that are easily modified provide the most cost-effective option for military use.”

A Partnership That Delivers Results

Panasonic and roda computer have long cooperated on a number of large-scale projects, with the recent additional focus of customising tailored TOUGHBOOKs for in-vehicle use for a number of military customers. roda computer’s 30 years of defence industry experience, paired with Panasonic’s proven range of military-grade TOUGHBOOK devices, provide an unbeatable combination of rugged, secure, and reliable defence sector solutions. 

Jon Tucker, General Manager, Solutions and Engineering, at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK: “The TOUGHBOOK 40 Military is the product of the long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship between Panasonic and roda computer. This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to developing state-of-the-art flexible and future-proof solutions for the security and defence sectors across Europe.”

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