Bracknell, UK. 17th November 2021 – Panasonic today announced its latest series of LCD projectors to meet the emerging needs of education and business for collaboration and clear and vivid images. The PT-VMZ71 Series, with four WUXGA resolution models ranging from 5200-7000lm and high 3,000,000:1 contrast, is ideal for well-lit classrooms and hybrid learning environments, as well as new workspaces and meetings rooms designed for easy collaboration. The Series, available from February 2022, will replace the current PT-VMZ60 Series with improved brightness and functionality while retaining the same lightweight and compact body – making the top of the range PT-VMZ71 projector the lightest in its class at just 7.2kg (15.87lbs).[1]

With a trend for more frequent and smaller meetings rooms and collaboration spaces, the Series is designed for flexible installation. The Series has V/H Lens-Shift, and V/H and Corner Keystone Correction, a new 6-Point screen correction functionality to help make better use of space in classrooms, offices, and for digital signage. In addition, the new Digital Zoom Extender is a helpful feature to reduce the need to move existing on-ceiling projector mounts when replacing legacy projectors. If the mount position exceeds optical zoom range it can extend the throw-distance of the projector.

Designed for smooth and effective communication, the Series supports 4K input signals, has a flexible 1.6x optical zoom, HDMI terminals compatible with CEC command signals for easy use with a single remote controller for all compatible AV equipment, and a wide range of collaboration options, including a wireless module and powered USB to easily share a variety of media to the big screen.

To reduce running costs and enhance reliability, the PT-VMZ71 Series features Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser light-source and Eco Filter, which do not require replacement for 20,000 hours. Power consumption in NORMAL Mode is also reduced by around 15% compared to certain models in the previous series.

For further information about the new PT-VMZ71 Series, visit:

[1] Panasonic research among LCD laser projectors in the 7,000-lumens-class or higher as of November 2021

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