Panasonic launches the more powerful generation of the TOUGHBOOK N1 and the new model variant TOUGHBOOK N1 Flat

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Panasonic is presenting the new generation of the robust premium handheld TOUGHBOOK N1 with an integrated barcode scanner and the new model variant TOUGHBOOK N1 Flat.

Panasonic is today presenting the second generation of the 4.7" handheld TOUGHBOOK N1, which was developed for warehouse and logistics applications. Panasonic is bringing two different model variants onto the market: both the TOUGHBOOK N1 with the tried-and-tested integrated barcode scanner and the more cost-effective Flat model variant are more flexible, more future-proof and more powerful than the first model generation. Both are equipped with a Qualcomm octa-core processor with 4GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage - double the previous generation. Both Toughbook devices run the Android 11[1] operating system, which offers long-term security updates and expanded user and management functions.

Model with ergonomically integrated barcode scanner
With the model variant TOUGHBOOK N1 with a physically integrated barcode scanner, which has proven itself with postal and last-mile courier services, the focus is not only on the well-known TOUGHBOOK robustness, but also on the ergonomic design: The unique ergonomically angled Bar code scanner on the back of the device helps prevent unilateral repetitive strains, thereby reducing the industry-wide risk of wrist disorders and thereby increasing worker productivity.

As is usual with TOUGHBOOK devices, the handheld is also compatible with the extensive range of accessories from the previous generation, including a hand strap, a docking station, a holster, a more powerful battery and a stand for the charging station. The new Toughbook N1 handheld also features a proprietary vehicle docking solution developed by the Panasonic Global Docking Solutions team. The solution is ergonomically designed and made of composite materials that combine light weight with durability. The docking station can also be docked and released with one hand.

New model variant with camera-based barcode scanner
The cost-effective model variant TOUGHBOOK N1 Flat does not have a physical, but rather a camera-based barcode scanner that recognizes a large number of different barcode types. This model was developed for delivery drivers on the last mile, activities in the warehouse and at the POS as well as service technicians in the field. It is one of the thinnest and lightest handhelds at 4.7 inches and is therefore ideally suited for mobile use by postal and courier services. The N1 Flat can also be easily paired with peripheral devices via Bluetooth and thus used as part of special scanning solutions, for example with portable long-range barcode scanners in the warehouse.

"In the hectic everyday work of delivery people, couriers and logisticians, employees need a device that is intuitive to use and robust enough to withstand bumps, scratches and weather conditions in the demanding everyday logistics workday," says Baris Koc, European Product Manager at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business. "The Toughbook N1 Flat is the ideal rugged device for use in any weather - from navigating to the next delivery to scanning the barcode, capturing a signature or photographing a safe delivery."

Both models are durable and robust.
The capacitive 4.7-inch HD multi-touch display of both TOUGHBOOK N1 model variants has a brightness of 550cd/m² - so employees can read optimally on the go and when working outdoors under any lighting conditions. In addition to bright sunlight, rain or the use of gloves are no obstacles to operation. Signatures can be captured more precisely and legibly with an optional stylus pen. An 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera are ideal for capturing documents or using it as a webcam. Communication with the devices is possible via voice and data transmission as well as WiFi roaming options – unique on the market for robust handhelds.

Both "Fully Ruggedized" devices were developed for harsh working environments and are correspondingly robust. They have been tested to military standards MIL-STD-810G[1] and can withstand drops of up to 2.1 meters. They are also suitable for working in extreme temperatures, as they withstand temperatures from -20° to +50°C. They are therefore also ideal for people who are exposed to low temperatures at work, such as deep-freeze and chilled food drivers.

Both devices meet the challenges of busy employees in mobile use. Thanks to the warm-swap function, they can change the battery during operation without switching off the devices, interrupting work or removing device parts. This keeps the handhelds operational for up to twelve hours.

Management and Security
Both the Toughbook N1 Handheld and the Toughbook N1 Flat are Android Enterprise-ready for easy management and administration. Both come with the Panasonic COMPASS Suite (Complete Android Services and Security). It includes tools and services that make it easier for companies to securely configure, deploy and manage Panasonic's rugged Android devices throughout their lifecycle. Security patch support for the new versions of the Toughbook N1 is guaranteed until 2027.

The Toughbook N1 with physical barcode scanner is a combined WiFi and 4G model. It will be available from September 2022 for €1,495 plus VAT. The Toughbook N1 Flat model variant will also be available from September 2022. The price is from €1,380 plus VAT.


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[1] Tested by an independent laboratory.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

[1] Existing Mark 2 and Mark 2.5 devices can also be upgraded to Android 11 operating system from September 2022.

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