Autonomous Factory


Fully automated printing process to ensure increased production time and production of non-defective items and, by means of that, to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E). 

The new NPM G Series

Industry's top edge class device

The high-precision NPM-GP/L stencil printer is part of the new NPM G Series to help making autonomous factories a reality. The NPM G Series offers flexibility and customisable options to address production needs and extend automation in manufacturing. This includes its auto setting feeder (ASF), NPM-GP/L stencil printer, and NPM-GH pick and place machine, allowing to set up individual, flexible, efficient, and economical production lines. 

Key features

New operation panel
Moveable Top / side clamper
Attack angle variable squeegee
Curved edge high filling pressure squeegee
Process Control & traceability
PCB pickup blower
APC-5M Option

Autonomous Factory & Smartification

The fully automated printing solution is part of the "Autonomous Factory" Concept - a factory that immediately responds to every situation and continues to evolve autonomously. Ensuring the production of non-defective items through the integrated control of autonomous uninterrupted mounting lines and floors independent of any human intervention and judgment.


Increased Production Time: 
(1) Reduces machine availability losses through automation of operations required for model changeover.

(2) Reduces machine performance losses through automation of operations involved in production.

(3) Increases production time by monitoring machine conditions and thereby performing maintenance at right times.

Maintenance of printing quality at a consistently high level:
Reduces losses due to defective items through various functions that actualizes consistently high-quality printing capable of responding to any changes in 5M.

Support for line solution:
Realizes high-quality line production through M2M (APC-5M) closed loop advances process control

Specifications table

Model NumberNM-EJP2B
PCB dimensions (mm)L 50 mm × W 50 mm to L 510 mm × W 510 mm
PCB exchange12.0 s including transport , PCB positioning , PCB recognition , printing , each cleaning operation (When PCB = L 250 mm × W 150 mm)
Repeatability2 Cpk ± 3.8 μm ± 3σ (Panasonic-specified condition)
Printing Accuracy2 Cpk ±15.0 μm ± 6σ (Panasonic-specified condition) *CeTaQ measuring machine used
Screen frame dimensionsL 736 mm × 736 mm L 750 mm × 750 mm L 650 mm × 550 mm L 600 mm × 550 mm L 550 mm × 650 mm L 584 mm × 584 mm L 736 mm × 584 mm L 584 mm × 736 mm
Electric SourceSingle-phase AC 200 V ±10 V / AC 220 V ±10 V / AC 230 V ±10 V / AC 240 V ±10 V (Taps can be changed), Max.3.3 kVA
Pneumatic Source0.5 Mpa, 30 L / min (A.N.R.) (motor vacuum specs), 400 L / min (A.N.R.) (ejector vacuum specs)
DimensionsW 1 580 mm × D 1 800 mm × H 1 500 mm
Mass1 750 kg

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