5 reasons why rugged Android is a Business world favourite

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Written by
Baris Koc

Product Manager for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe – Panasonic Connect Europe

5 reasons why rugged Android is a Business world favourite

Android was once seen as a consumer operating system for the mobile world but no more. Business buyers of rugged computing devices are realising that Android can offer better flexibility, affordability and, most importantly, security than market alternatives. Here are our five reasons why rugged Android is becoming a favourite of the Business World: 

1. The ultimate compatibility

As digitalisation sweeps through the business world, the variety of devices companies are using is on the up – and still rising. Research shows that for every 100 remote employees, on average there are 215 devices in use. This has major implications for IT teams. It means that operating system needs to be compatible, no matter the form factor. From phones and tablets to laptops and more – Android works as a universal operating system.

2. Fired-up functionality

With Android, you get an OS that works around you – and not the other way around. As an IT team, it means you don’t just have to survive but can focus on optimising, with advanced customisation capabilities. For example, you can pair industry-leading customisation with tailored management tools – such as those in Panasonic’s COMPASS portfolio – and make Android work even harder for your business.

3. Locked down security

Security is high on every business agenda. With Android, you get market-leading security, plus affordable options for additional software. This frees your IT team up to spend less time on patches, and more time on business improvements.

4. Security support that takes you further

Enterprise devices are built to last longer than two years. The problem is that most security patch support services don’t run beyond this point. The good news? Manufacturers are investing in Android – including Panasonic. With our COMPASS Security, for example, you get security support that far exceeds the industry average as standard, plus the option to extend it even further.

5. Updates without worry

Software updates keep your devices secure and running smoothly – and Android’s are free, fast, and efficient. But when it comes to rollouts, we recommend doing things slightly differently. Contrary to popular opinion, being quick off the mark isn’t always wise. It’s better to let bugs surface, so they can be fixed before rolling out across your entire suite – and that’s exactly what we do. We take the latest Android updates and ensure they are tested and proven before incorporating them into our device updates – ensuring you get the best Enterprise-ready updates.

If you are looking for a fast, flexible and secure operating system for the devices supporting your mobile workforce, maybe it´s time to consider Enterprise-ready Android.

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