5G for the TOUGHBOOK G2 has arrived

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Dirk Weigelt

Rugged Device specialist – Panasonic Connect Europe

5G for the TOUGHBOOK G2 has arrived

The roll-out of 5G services is continuing at a pace across the world but Europe is one of the geographies leading the way. In October 2021, the European 5G Observatory reported that 5G commercial services had been deployed and services offered in 25 of the EU-27 countries so far. The next update is due soon and progress looks set to continue.

The EU Commission itself has set out a goal in its Path to the Digital Decade for uninterrupted 5G wireless broadband coverage for all urban areas and major roads and railways by 2025. In addition, it has said all populated areas should be covered by 5G by 2030 and promised 5G technologies will then be being used at the core of new products, manufacturing processes and business models.

To coincide with the rapid developments, Panasonic has this month announced 5G support for its best-selling fully rugged tablet the TOUGHBOOK G2. Ideal for mobile power users that require high-bandwidth connectivity in the most extreme environments, the 5G version of the TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet is available to order now.

As the roll-out of the 5G using the Sub-6 GHz frequency expands, mobile power users will be able to use the popular TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet for next generation business applications, including support for local 5G.

Imagine ambulance personnel providing video briefings about a patient to doctors while on route to save vital time on arrival at hospital. Vehicle repairs specialists will be able to rapidly download truck operating systems, diagnose issues and upload new versions of the software operating system at the roadside – saving time and money on repairs by avoiding towing the vehicle back to a garage. These and yet to be imagined services will be able to be deployed using the power of the new 5G network.

The TOUGHBOOK G2 device will be the perfect partner for mobile workers using these new networks, with new additions on the latest device including eSIM and future-proofed wireless communications capabilities for those in the field, as well as increased performance, double RAM and storage. Equipped with an optional emissive backlit keyboard that includes an additional USB Type-A and Type-C ® port, the device can also be used in multiple operating modes. For example, as a regular notebook, for presentations, while being carried and when docked at a desk or in a vehicle. With this capability, the TOUGHBOOK G2 is a superior successor for both the TOUGHBOOK G1 and TOUGHBOOK 20 and ready for the world of 5G!

Check out more information on the TOUGHBOOK G2 device.

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