TOUGHBOOK Innovation Forum ignites conversation on Mobility

As you walked through the door into the main hall for the TOUGHBOOK Innovation Forum last week, it was fantastic to see so many customers and partners in one room. The atmosphere was buzzing as people were talking to each other and networking. It was clear that the agenda topics covering areas such as mobility complexity, the latest deployment of the UK’s Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) and the latest technologies for the mobile workforce had drawn significant interest.

written by: Daniel Creasey, UK & Ireland Marketing Manager, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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Supporting the hyper-mobile workforce

Particularly interesting was the opening session by our colleagues Chris Turner and Nick Miller on the emergence of a new segment of mobile workers with particular needs – the hyper-mobile workforce. These are the people who work in extreme  environments such as utilities, emergency services and logistics. Balancing the needs of these hyper-mobile workers when considering the right mobile device is critically important. For example, a longer battery life increases device weight, while a brighter screen consumes more battery power. Each aspect has to be considered and the key to success is understanding the specific needs of the individual - in a rapidly evolving era of multiple job personas - and specifying the right device for them.  

Alongside increased persona types, we also heard that mobility was becoming increasingly complex. Mobility presents issues such as connectivity with the introduction of options such as 5G, device performance, opportunities for using AI at the edge of the network and security threats all make the job of managing mobile workforces more challenging. 

To help customers address these issues, we heard how Panasonic TOUGHBOOK was continuing to innovate further with advanced solutions, such as smart services. For example, the ability to monitor areas such as battery health, application usage, and connectivity while devices are in the field and proactively use the data to act. This might be scheduling a battery replacement or maintenance before an issue occurs or rolling out over the air updates and automatically monitoring to optimise device performance.  

Implementation of the National Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP)

It was also fascinating to hear the session led by Stuart Murphy, Senior Programme Manager at NHS Trust Ambulance Radio Programme, who covered the execution of the ARP project on a national scale. This kicked off with the installation of TOUGHBOOK rugged devices for ambulances across 11Trusts in  England, Scotland and Wales. The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices are being used as the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) in rapid response vehicles and dual crewed ambulances. So far, 2520 rugged devices have been installed in vehicles. As Stuart said, it’s predicted that the full rollout of the project should be completed by 2025. 

TOUGHBOOK in transforming public sector operations

We also heard how TOUGHBOOK  devices are used for critical operations in policing, ambulance services, and fire departments across the public sector. In the UK, 20% of UK police forces  use TOUGHBOOK  devices.   UK policing has seen the roll out of the TOUGHBOOK FZ-G2, proving to be a revolutionary addition to the sector.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices supercharge police operations, boosting community safety and efficiency.  The use of the devices empowers frontline officers by giving them instant access to critical incident data with the desktop like experience for administration tasks, all while in the field.

They are also being used to streamline drone operations and bolster forensic accuracy.


Bigger and better

Feedback was that the day had been packed full of engaging, educational and insightful content from the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK team and their partners. It was great to see the benefit of face-to-face discussions, and the chance to network offline. 

If you didn’t have a chance to attend, don’t miss out! Keep an eye out for information on the next TOUGHBOOK Innovation Forum, promised to be bigger and better than ever.

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