Creating a ‘gamers paradise’ with Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions

Since the summer of 2021, gamers in Paris have a place to go to give themselves over to their passion: Espot. This one of a kind global place is 2,000m² of consoles for players of any kind and space to meet, incl an arena for competitions and its own TV studio. It features over 130 gaming stations, but it is more than just a gaming room – it is an entertainment space with a gaming and ESport theme.

While building ESpot, the focus was on using and installing flexible and futureproof technology. To be able to handle the different requirements and application throughout the location, it was decided to use Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions within an NDI infrastructure The PTZ cameras are highly appreciated by operators for their reliability, image quality and ease of usage. And they can easily be integrated with the 7m Tuning ceiling rail that was installed to include additional perspectives. Both systems can be centrally controlled and therefore do not require any additional man power. With this installed system, ESpot is very flexible and can easily adjust to whatever the situation on site will be – from a normal day to a bigger competition.

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