The latest version of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40 features AI-enabled Intel® processor, alongside enhanced connectivity and graphics performance.

19th June 2024

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Panasonic Connect has announced the first TOUGHBOOK to feature AI processing at the edge, with the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 featuring the Intel® AI Boost neural processing unit (NPU), vastly increasing efficiency and accuracy for mobile workers across industries. The standalone AI capabilities – without the need for network connectivity - promise to deliver the next wave of productivity boosts for mobile workers by helping to analyse faults, provide information and complete administrative tasks more quickly.

AI capabilities underpinned by enhanced graphics performance

One of the first rugged notebooks using Windows 11 Pro to offer AI edge processing capabilities, the new 14-inch TOUGHBOOK 40 utilises the Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 processor 135H (with Intel vPro® Technology). For those requiring unmatched performance for the most demanding applications, the optional new Intel® Core™ Ultra7 processor 165H (with Intel vPro® Technology) delivers an additional boost in computing power.

Both processors feature a dedicated AI chipset that enables data to be collected, stored, and analysed using artificial intelligence, without uploading and downloading data through a connection to the cloud – and without affecting the device’s overall performance and processing power. This is particularly useful for remote field service workers and military personnel – especially those inspecting equipment in remote locations that may not have access to a cellular or wireless connection – to use AI to increase efficiency and reduce human errors in data capture. 

For example, field workers that have access to wiring diagrams and schematics on their device can combine AI-enabled computer vision technology with the device’s camera to accurately show where wiring connections should be. Furthermore, AI processors can be used to automatically generate inspection reports, saving significant administrative time and resources in the field.

The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2’s Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 processor 135H features the Intel® Arc™ graphics* processing unit, enabling superior graphics performance and AI-generated visuals to be displayed clearly.

"The first-ever TOUGHBOOK notebook to feature AI edge processing capabilities is a real game changer for the ruggedised device market. In truly remote locations, workers no longer need to rely on a reliable internet connection to take advantage of AI’s endless possibilities. With recent Panasonic research indicating that computer vision technologies will increase productivity by 42% in the next three years, field service workers now have a future-proof device that doesn’t compromise on performance or connectivity."

Future-proofed connectivity

The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 is better connected than ever before as one of the first rugged notebooks to include the latest Intel® Wi-Fi 7 BE200 specification. The increased connectivity speeds (up to 5.8 Gbps and greater than 2x compared to Wi-Fi 6E) and ultra-low latency, enable field workers to take advantage of reliable, super-fast transfers of data when back in the office or field base.

For truly remote workers, the new TOUGHBOOK 40 features optional 4G and 5G connectivity with eSIM support, providing reliable connectivity on the move.

Market-leading ruggedness or modularity

The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 features the same market-leading ruggedness and modularity, providing the modern mobile worker with a balanced solution, regardless of the task, application or environment.

The latest TOUGHBOOK 40 is IP66**-rated for water and dust ingress and can comfortably operate in temperatures between -29°C and +63°C**, ensuring that productivity isn’t affected. In addition to a replaceable battery, storage and RAM, the 40mk2 also features four additional expansion areas, providing maximum flexibility.

The increased graphics performance and AI-enabled edge processing doesn’t compromise the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2’s battery performance. The 40mk2 delivers up to 12 hours (MobileMark 25) from a single battery, giving today’s modern worker peace of mind when using power-hungry applications. 

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