Panasonic And Creative Technology Deliver SMPTE ST 2110-Based 4K Streaming For Live Events

Panasonic studio cameras and camera control units expands Creative Technology’s existing IP-based ST 2110 infrastructure, and investment in KAIROS platform.

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Bracknell, UK. 23rd May 2024 – Creative Technology, the leading global audiovisual and system integration specialist, has chosen Panasonic Connect Europe’s AK-UC4000 4K studio camera, and new AK-UCU710 camera control unit (CCU), as part of its ongoing investment in the ST 2110 IP-based video transmission standard. Using Panasonic ST 2110-compatible technology will allow Creative Technology to deliver cutting-edge systems integration services and end-to-end IP-based live event broadcast support for clients across 87 countries.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ (SMPTE) ST 2110 standard is revolutionising the transmission of video and audio signals over IP networks. The protocol creates an interoperable, scalable system where all signals required for production and transmission facilities can for the first time be distributed bi-directionally over a local network. The standard defines the entire transmission system, the maximum supported resolutions, and synchronisation between streams.

Unrivalled 4K images across IP-based networks

Panasonic’s ST 2110-compatible UC4000 sets the standard for 4K/HD HDR studio cameras in sports broadcasting, studio production, and live events. It can be operated in both 4K and HD/HDR outputs and offers the high video quality that is only possible with a larger sensor, with a 4.4K sensor, alongside features such as BT.2020 and up to 4x output high-speed HD shooting[1]. Creative Technology is also the first UK-based AV integrator to purchase Panasonic’s AK-PLV100GSJ 4K PL-mount studio camera, with three cameras selected.

To facilitate the transmission of 4K images over IP-based networks, Creative Technology will use Panasonic’s new UCU710 CCU. The UCU710 supports the ST 2110 transmission standard, and streamlines the connection to the UC4000 studio camera, making it ideal for multicamera productions.

When connected, Panasonic’s UC4000 studio camera is capable of 4K and HDR image production and uncompressed long-distance transmission of 4K images, offering the required flexibility for live events. The UCU710 also offers flexible IP migration of existing operation systems, seamless migration from conventional CCU-based baseband systems, and a 3.5” LCD touch panel for easy operation.

[1] 4x high-speed shooting is reliant on future planned support and when connected to UCU710 camera control unit.

Continued investment in KAIROS platform

Creative Technology will continue to utilise Panasonic’s state-of-the-art live video production platform, KAIROS, to seamlessly manage studio-based and remote live productions using the UC4000 studio camera and UCU710 CCU. KAIROS offers simultaneous SDI, ST 2110, and streaming capabilities, supporting Creative Technology’s continued transition to IP-based systems. Creative Technology has selected 12 camera channels using the UC4000, and eight KAIROS Core mainframes.

KAIROS virtualises traditional switcher functions and eliminates many legacy switcher hardware constraints with innovative CPU/GPU architecture, whilst removing the one-to-one input constraints of SDI only switchers. It also removes much of the intermediary kit associated with traditional production methods.

"Panasonic have been a key partner in Creative Technology’s expanding ST 2110 solution. KAIROS has already become a go-to production system in our technical deliveries and the addition of the UC4000s only complements this in the live events space."

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