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Announces high brightness models ideal for signage and Smart Retail applications and a new display range designed for meeting workspaces and education

ISE 2020: Panasonic was the first to incorporate Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) capabilities into its 4K high-resolution LCD displays and announced today its latest refresh and expansion of the line-up. The SQ1H Series and SQE1 Series are enlarging the range of Premium 4K Professional displays with higher brightness models and new designs suitable for signage and Smart Retail applications. In addition, Panasonic unveiled the new CQE1 Series of displays designed for everyday presentations and the smooth sharing of high-quality content in meeting rooms and classrooms.

The SQ1H is brighter and smarter

The newly added SQ1H Series of displays (86/75/65/55-inch) has an increased panel brightness of 1000cd/m2 or 2000cd/m2 [1], to ensure content can be displayed clearly even when installed in shop front windows, in sunlight environments like atriums and lobbies, or built in outdoor kiosks.

For the next generation of Smart Retail and In-Store Digitisation, the displays are also the first to be equipped with the latest Intel® SDM slot. The SDM slot enables the expanded use of the display for the latest retail applications requiring integrated computing capability. For example, a display including a camera and running Facial Recognition Software on the SDM module could detect a person looking at the display, profile and identify the audience and play tailored advertising or marketing offers to the passerby.

This latest Intel® SDM standard easily integrates into the SQ1H Series display’s slim design, is compatible with Windows, Linux and Android operating systems and provides future-proof connectivity by supporting multiple generations of Intel® processors, higher bandwidth capabilities and future higher resolution displays.

Rich colour 4K images

To help capture the attention of passers-by, the displays are equipped with a 12-axis colour management function that is compatible with HDR to display a wide range of contrasts. The displays also meet the international standard BT.2020 emulation mode to deliver a visually captivating display of rich colour 4K images.

The images, sounds and control signals can be connected and linked to external devices with a single LAN cable, and are compatible with “DIGITAL LINK,” which contributes to build-savings and reduced costs. A USB Media Player function that displays 4K content has been equipped to enable high-quality digital signage to be operated without using a dedicated player.

The Wi-Fi capable SQE1 Series

The SQE1 series refreshes the current SQ1 series with the addition of Wi-Fi capability and maintains all the quality features expected from a premium range ideal for public signage. There are a wide range of LCD panel sizes, from the large 98-inch model to the 43-inch model. The high-durability design makes the displays suitable for vertical installation and 24-hour operation for use in public environments such as train stations, airports and commercial facilities.

The Series is also equipped with the Intel® SDM slot as well as a wide range of terminals (HDMI, DisplayPort [In/Out], USB type-C, etc.) required for professional displays, and can be easily connected with various playback equipment and expansion boards. It also features built-in speakers for playing content with audio.

The CQE1 Series for meeting rooms and education

The CQE1 Series has been designed with the meeting room or classroom user in mind. Available in seven models, from 98-inch to 43-inch sizes, there is 4K picture quality and a highly legible display to meet the viewing needs of any user. Its guaranteed continuous operational capability of up to 16 hours a day makes it reliable and ideal for everyday operation in meeting rooms and schools. Built to VESA Standards, suspension from the ceiling or mounting on a wall is simple using a general purpose bracket.

When used as a conference room monitor or classroom display, the Series is equipped with an abundance of terminals for easy connectivity. HDMI CEC compatible devices can be connected to the display by HDMI cable. The Series also comes with a USB type-C terminal as standard so that mobile devices can be easily connected and there are built-in speakers for audio.

The displays will be introduced to the market throughout 2020. For more information, please visit Booth 1-H20, Hall 1, ISE2020, Amsterdam RAI, February 11–14, or visit  or

[1] The 86/75-inch displays have a panel brightness of 1000cd/m2 or more and the 65/55-inch displays 2000cd/m2 or more.

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