Panasonic Provides Private 5G Network & Testing Facility for Customers

Panasonic opens its first private 5G network testing environment at the Panasonic Campus in Munich. The company is partnering with leading 5G-as-a-Service providers to make private 5G networks easy to set up and simple to operate across Europe.

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Munich, Germany. 4th April 2024  Panasonic Connect Europe has today unveiled a new private 5G network at its Customer Experience Centre (CXC) in Munich to help customers deliver uninterrupted connectivity, real-time communications, and increased security for mission-critical applications in a variety of sectors.

In collaboration with leading 5G-as-a-Service (5GaaS) providers, Panasonic can now offer dedicated, and fully customised private 5G networks with ultra-low latency, delivering faster response times, enhanced data transfer and communication, and improved network efficiency and reliability.

The simple installation, configuration, and maintenance of Panasonic’s private 5G network is showcased at its innovative Customer Experience Centre on the Panasonic Campus in Munich, demonstrating secure, superfast upload and download speeds.

With two cells installed in the CXC, customers and partners can perform handover tests with applications and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 5GSA devices at a controlled speed and experience the benefits of 5G’s increased network capacity. Customers can also experience the enhanced security and control that private 5G networks offer, with advanced encryption protocols and modified Uplink and Downlink data throughputs optimised for applications.

With Panasonic owning the entirety of the access network, it has removed the complexity for existing and new customers, and business partners, using state-of-the-art technology to migrate to private 5G networks. This simplifies the relationship between hardware, software, and connectivity, with existing prospects in the transport and logistics, manufacturing, and construction sectors able to explore the advantages of connecting a variety of devices across one private network.

Third-party manufacturers and software developers can also test 5G applications and devices in a real-life environment, helping to optimize their applications, if requested, with devices using Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems.

"Many organisations are looking to unlock the potential of 5G for enhanced efficiencies and connectivity but have concerns or are unsure about how to proceed. With our connectivity experience and with multiple Panasonic mobile devices already optimised for 5G, it’s a natural next step for us to offer secure, superfast private 5G networks to customers and prospects across Europe, where traditional networks or public 5G is not fit for purpose."

Interested organisations can now book an on-site workshop and plan their next level of connectivity with Panasonic’s experts.