Upgraded learning at Sheffield Hallam

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Sheffield Hallam University has invested in 30 Panasonic AG-DVX200 camcorders to integrate applied learning opportunities for students in its film and media courses.

The investment in 30 x AG-DVX200 fixed lens 4K Camcorders has allowed the South Yorkshire University to develop its students learning by upgrading its resources for Film and Media Production students, as well as being available to a variety of other courses.

Working with Panasonic's UK and ROI distributor Holdan, the university went through an evaluation stage, where it was supplied with a camera for a testing process. Dominic explains, "The option came up of carrying out a replacement, and previously we had been working with Canon's XF305 because at that point, it was BBC approved, so it was the natural choice for us."

"We conducted our testing of the camera over the summer months. Once we had taken a look at Panasonic's AG-UX180 with the 1inch sensor, we had a look at that against the DVX200, and the images were great. There are a lot of really great cameras out there, but the DVX200 does something quite different, so it was actually quite an easy decision to make," adds Dominic.

"It is useful from our perspective, to have a camera that you can just pull out of a bag and is ready to go. We currently have 30 of these cameras, so every student who needs to shoot in a given week has a standard piece of equipment which we can supply to meet that demand"

The integration of these cameras means the students are able to work in a wide array of setups, including working with track, jib dolly as well as handheld, which is made easy to use by this camera which has a light weight and compact form. 

A student of Dominic Green, who is a first year studying BA (Hons) Film and Media Production, adds, "I filmed a documentary in first year  using two different cameras, half of which I shot on the DVX200. The difference between the two cameras - the DVX200 was much easier to use is every aspect, particularly setting up. Even when using them in lectures, it is clear that this camera is much easier to use than others in its class."

Read the full case study at: https://eu.connect.panasonic.com/gb/en/case-studies/upgraded-learning-sheffield-hallam

For more information on Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions, please visit: https://eu.connect.panasonic.com/gb/en/broadcast-and-proav

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