The Versatile Toughbook 55 Regenerated For The Changing Needs Of The Modern Mobile Workforce

TOUGHBOOK 55mk3 sets the standard in rugged mobile computing for any application, with vastly improved “Raptor Lake” processing power, modularity, and connectivity.


16th November 2023



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Panasonic Connect today announced availability of the third iteration of its market-leading modular rugged notebook, the TOUGHBOOK 55. The upgraded device is fit for the increasingly varied roles of the modern mobile worker, regardless of the task or application. It perfectly balances the need for connectivity, flexibility and ease of use with ruggedness, long battery life and security. 

55 verticals

Designed for varied mobile worker personas

The TOUGHBOOK 55mk3 is a huge leap forward. It enables users in the utilities and field services sectors, automotive, emergency services and defence to take advantage of its superior performance, enhanced connectivity and increasing need for modularity to adapt to different mobile worker requirements. 

Making it the most customisable rugged device on the market, Panasonic has enhanced the modular design even further with the addition of a new rear expansion slot, featuring a fourth USB Type-A and second USB Type-C interface from January 2024, ideal for high-speed data transfers. The TOUGHBOOK Universal Bay remains for a range of peripherals to be swapped with a simple switch, fit and click.

There is a up to 12.7% increase (PC mark10) in processing power with the Intel® 13th generation Core™ i5 processor with Intel vPro® Technology (Raptor Lake). For those requiring unmatched performance for the most demanding applications, the optional new Core™ i7 processor with Intel vPro® Technology delivers a boost in computing power up to 17.4% (PC mark10). Other improvements include enhanced eSIM and Dual SIM connectivity for accurate and reliable communications on the move, the latest Wi-Fi (Intel® Wireless 6E AX211) that selects the optimum bandwidth to save battery power and upgraded Bluetooth 5.3** connectivity. This latest Windows 11 Pro device is also available with Windows 10 drivers, for those yet to transition to the new operating system.

Future-proofed for industry needs

The TOUGHBOOK 55 is ideal for automotive R&D engineers who need a rugged and reliable notebook to deal with challenging conditions, whether testing in remote locations, the heat chamber, or the test track. With telemetry being captured in real-time, the device can easily handle huge data volumes with its superior storage and connectivity capabilities.

For utilities and field service repairs the TOUGHBOOK 55 stands out with its multiple configuration and connectivity options, including to legacy systems and specialist ports. For defence and the emergency services, the TOUGHBOOK 55 offers high levels of data protection as a Microsoft Secured-core PC and mission critical levels of connectivity. 

Combined with a lightweight design and an IP53 rating that protects against dust and water splashes, the TOUGHBOOK 55 can stand up to knocks and drops up to 90cm* and comfortably operate in temperatures ranging from -29°C to +60°C*. 

Sustainable ecosystem

For those looking to equip their mobile workforce with this latest device, there is no need to worry about additional costs. This latest device is compatible with most of the ecosystem of peripherals, such as battery packs and chargers, in the TOUGHBOOK 55 range. 

"The TOUGHBOOK 55mk3 raises the bar for rugged devices that can be tailored exactly to customer requirements, regardless of their needs. With sustainability at the heart of our circular economy approach, offering a fit-for-purpose, reliable rugged notebook that will serve end users in a variety of sectors, for years to come, is a real game-changer."

People - Dirk Weigelt

* Test by an independent third-party lab following MIL-STD810H.

** Bluetooth version depends on Windows11 build version

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