Public Services

Connecting and protecting society.

Whether you’re working online, on call or on the battlefield – creating safer communities or Smart Cities – you can depend on our public service solutions to support you. 

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A smarter partnership.

Wherever you have to work – whenever your technology has to work – you can rely on Panasonic Connect. Whether your personnel are in training or in the field, we understand the issues facing emergency services, armed forces and public authorities, globally. Together with our partner, Yotta, we’ll consult with you, then share the knowledge and insight you need to help you create intelligent, proven, connected solutions that protect, serve and engage. From rugged IT to sophisticated visual technology. From single business sites to entire city infrastructures. 

Connected solutions for Public Services.

When you work in the public sector, the technology you employ often has to work 24/7 – with 100% uptime the minimum requirement. No wonder services, forces and governments across Europe rely on our products.

Why work with us.

The best way to predict the future? Design it. That’s why, when it comes to protecting and improving communities, our advanced solutions are already in action across the world. But we’re more than a supplier of products, we also work in close collaboration with governments, local authorities and communities to find the right solution for each individual situation. 

Stories like yours.

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Optimisation for Public Services.

Budgets rarely get bigger. More often, cost controls get tighter, with no room for error. And when you need to get things done super-fast, it’s easy to forget they have to be done super-securely. Panasonic Connect helps you deliver the efficiencies and reliability you need to achieve your objectives while keeping your people safe, and your costs under control. We can provide support such as predictive maintenance, helping you solve technical issues even before they occur.

Helping you hit your sustainability targets.

Partner with Panasonic and you partner for tomorrow. We ensure you’re matched with devices that meet your needs – but when those needs change, they can be repurposed instead of disposed of. And we do more than connect people via devices. Our Public Sector partnerships extend to connecting entire urban communities together to reduce carbon and energy consumption. The Smart City Quarter at Future Living® Berlin has been designed to achieve nearly CO2-free living. It’s just one part of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative to reduce not only our own CO2 emissions, but those of our customers and society as a whole. And to create a world where everyone can live and thrive in good health, with peace of mind.

Insights you can use – right now.

If you want our views and opinions on how we see the future of Public Services, you needn’t wait to meet us. Here’s where you’ll find our blogs, whitepapers and opinion pieces on the subject. They’ll show you we’re on the same page.

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Where to experience us, virtually.

Find out, firsthand, how our technology can help you. Take a virtual tour of the unique tech centres, laboratories and facilities of Panasonic Campus Munich.

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