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From concert halls to classrooms, our wide range of projectors expands the possibilities

At Panasonic, we’ve been the leading light in screen projection solutions for more than 35 years. Creating innovative technology, sharing our know-how and installing our projectors in locations worldwide. All freeing users to project sharper, brighter, further and for longer.

Designed to impress

All our projectors are designed at our factory headquarters in Osaka, Japan. The facility is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – the internationally recognised standards for quality and environmental management – ensuring the best manufacturing quality control.

Through restless innovation and continuous improvement, we’ve patented technology that delivers the world’s highest quality images at high luminosity. 

A host of features make Panasonic projectors the perfect choice, as either a first installation or a replacement: from an abundant lens selection for the widest range of throw distances to a dual engine light source with a unique cooling system designed to supress temperature rises and protect the light source modules. Projectors with built-in Edge Blending and Geometric Adjustment functions allow super-wide or even curved screens projections. Coupled with simple and flexible installation, it’s innovation designed to release your creativity – and bring your boldest ideas to life.

Built to last

With quality comes reliability. Whether for theatre, classroom or conference hall, every Panasonic projector is built so you spend your time using it, not maintaining it.

Our Dual or Quad Lamp System offers you continuous 24/7 operation and minimal downtime for DLP™ projectors. Our laser projectors are designed to be genuinely maintenance-free. All our projectors are continuously and rigorously tested in the harshest conditions to ensure dependability and durability, including dustproof testing, lifetime running tests, drop tests, earthquake tests, and testing in a range of extreme environmental conditions.  

All new projectors are compatible with old lenses which means easy replacement and lower costs. And should you need service or advice, our customer service team will have local expertise on hand in a hurry.

See the show, not the projector

Our compact projectors are some of the world’s smallest, designed to work quietly and reliably behind the scenes, hidden from view – freeing up extra space for visitors, exhibits or spectators. This technology has already proven its success through our flagship model DZ21K projector, the leader in the rental and staging market with over 7000 units sold worldwide, and used in renowned events like the Olympic Games. And now we’re bringing this live entertainment expertise into our high brightness laser projector range.

Leading the way in laser technology

No one offers a wider range of laser-illuminated projectors than Panasonic. All our laser projectors are designed so that big, bright, colourful images can be experienced (and remembered). While longer life, less failure, low noise and no heat means you can forget about maintenance – with up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, guaranteed. Not just for the light source but the whole projector.

Minimise downtime. Maximise value

Panasonic can free you from problems before they even occur. Panasonic CARES (Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions) means we can monitor your equipment via the cloud and predict when a part needs replacing, maximising uptime and saving you money. Read More.

Discover why many of the world’s largest auditoriums, retail outlets, concert halls and internationally-renowned museums rely on us to deliver superior picture quality and long-lasting reliability. Read our case studies or explore our range of projectors. 

Whether it’s high lumens projector for a large venue display or a video projector for a small, confined space, we have a solution, with the widest range on the market.