5 Ways Android can Supercharge your Business

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5 Ways Android can Supercharge your Business

Android is accelerating. It’s taking our businesses by storm at a rate that’s set to continue. With more than half of all handheld devices in EMEA businesses operating an Android operating system, chances are you’re already part of the movement. In fact, 72% of tablets and handheld devices in businesses use the Android system* (excluding mobile phones).

That’s no surprise, as the majority of Android users believe this system offers better flexibility, affordability and, most importantly, security* than other operating systems on the market. Android is revved-up and ready. It’s more efficient than it’s ever been, so it might be just the move for you to supercharge your business.

Top 3 advantages of Android illustrated in a graph

Here are the top five reasons why Android is rated so highly by the working world. 

1. Ultimate compatibility

The number of devices we use every day is increasing – it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing. In fact, the majority of buyers expect the number of devices used in their organisation to continue to rise over the course of the next three years. So, it’s essential that your operating system is compatible and reliable no matter what device is in use. From 4in to 10in screens, the Android OS is just that: compatible and reliable on one or many devices. 


2. Turbo-charged functionality

When it comes to management capabilities, your operating system needs to help your business function efficiently. Customisation is key. When you have an OS that can adapt to your working needs, you can do more than function, you can optimise.

For Android users, this is a given. More than half of Android business users expect a customisable OS to meet their business requirements. Plus, when you pair this with customisable management tools – such as those you find in Panasonic’s COMPASS range – you can make Android work even harder for your business. Tools specifically designed to optimise Android mean you access multiple layers of tailored functionality – and stay consistent across all your devices.

3. Locked-down security

Security is high on the agenda. Most businesses rely on their IT department to security patch their devices regularly – 66%* according to the latest research. But, if you don’t have access to an IT department or would like IT to focus their time on business improvements and not BAU, there are other ways to keep your devices safe and secure. These range from MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions and firmware to simply relying on the user. Android delivers enhanced security and storage, with inexpensive options for additional firmware. 

4. Support into the afterlife

You’ve invested in Android, so you want it to last. The majority of buyers expect their device providers to support their Android OS for three years after the end of the device’s life. Android software, after all, lives on even when your device doesn’t.

Check to see that your device provider offers support beyond product life. Some may even go beyond the expected three-year window. COMPASS Security, for example, ensures that lifecycle assurance and system support for up to three years with the option to extend it to five.

5. Free, faster updates

Software updates keep your devices running smoothly, in line with the latest developments, and ensure performance is optimised. They help keep your technology safe too. Research found that businesses update their Android OS five times a year, on average. But whether you update your software once a year or 10 times a year, you want a system that works with you. Android updates are regular, free and now getting even faster.

It’s no surprise then, that Android is rapidly becoming the choice for many savvy organisations who want to keep their business secure, flexible and efficient. 

* Statistics from Research conducted by Opinion Matters. Read the full report. 

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