ET-C1 Series


1-Chip DLP™ Projector Zoom Lens

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Key features

Bring out the best image reproduction
Support efficient workflow
Maintaining stable image quality 
ET-C1 series
Throw Ratio 16:100.308‒0.330:10.550‒0.690:10.680‒0.950:10.940‒1.39:11.36‒2.10:12.07‒3.38:1

The ET-C1 Series are 1-chip DLP™ projector zoom lens designed for use with PT-REQ15/REQ12/REQ10/REQ80, PT-REZ15/REZ12/REZ10/REZ80.

Bring out the best performance of projectors, achieve the highest level of immersion

Location-based entertainment design is growing ever-more sophisticated with guests expecting a degree of immersion that’s difficult to deliver with conventional projectors. As a technology partner co-creating with the world’s top experiential design firms, Panasonic Connect understands how this increasingly sophisticated location-based entertainment production is driving demand for products that simplify workflows. To answer this demand, we developed REQ/REZ series as well as this ET-C1 series lens which play essential role in achieving highest level of immersion.

Specifications table

F Value1.84 - 2.34
Focal Distance (f)16.7 - 24.6 mm [21/32 - 31/32 in]
Throw Ratio0.940 - 1.39:1 (16:10 aspect ratio) 0.940 - 1.39:1 (16:9 aspect ratio) 1.13 - 1.67:1 (4:3 aspect ratio)
Dimensions (W x H x D)154 x 155 x 234 mm  [6 1/16 x 6 3/32 x 9 7/32 in]
Weight2.4 kg (5.29 lbs)
Applicable ProjectorPT-REQ12/PT-REQ10/PT-REQ80/PT-REZ12/PT-REZ10/PT-REZ80

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