How the Suez Canal Blockage in 2021 has revolutionized the navigation: Lessons Learned.

written by: Chiara Cabini, Marketing Manager Southern Europe, Panasonic Connect

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The incident at the Suez Canal in 2021, where the Ever Given obstructed the crucial waterway for an extended period, underscored the susceptibility of global shipping routes to unforeseen events. It highlighted in fact the critical need for real-time and effective solutions in the maritime industry. Post this disruptive event, there has been a notable shift in the maritime sector towards the adoption of advanced technology to mitigate and respond to similar incidents. 

The integration of rugged devices on vessels and cargo ships has ushered in a transformative phase for the maritime industry. These devices are meticulously designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions, including extreme temperatures, saltwater exposure, and continuous vibrations. Notably, devices such as the TOUGHBOOK have proven to be drop and dust resistant, equipped with glove and rain-enabled touchscreens to function seamlessly under diverse weather conditions. 

In the realm of open sea navigation, the implementation of cutting-edge GPS technology has become paramount for ensuring precise navigation and, consequently, maritime safety. Rugged devices provide accurate location tracking, allowing vessels to navigate through intricate waterways, circumvent obstacles, and approach harbours with pinpoint accuracy while maintaining constant communication with the port. 

The connectivity facilitated by rugged and fully rugged devices is seamless, thanks to their integrated communication systems. This enables efficient communication between crew members, the control centre and other cargo ships.

"Our devices offer optional integration with legacy business solutions, such as terminal emulation software like Omnia, allowing for bespoke inventory management software applications, including voice control and configurable ports. The recorded navigational data, encompassing routes taken, speed, and environmental conditions, can be analysed for optimization. This data-driven approach empowers shipping companies to make informed decisions, enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall operational performance."

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK plays a pivotal role in supporting sensors during navigation. Designed with various connectivity options, these devices serve as central hubs, collecting and processing real-time data from sensors. This enhances a vessel's capacity to navigate safely and efficiently through challenging passages. Radar systems further aid in real-time obstacle detection, ensuring a smooth passage through strict waterways. 

Following the Suez Canal incident, shipping companies are reinforcing their sensor systems and seeking optimal devices for monitoring. Another significant development involves scheduled maintenance during extended navigation periods. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors on board can monitor their performance, and the collected data are analysed to predict potential issues. 

Santonico emphasizes the proactive approach enabled by Panasonic rugged devices as well.

"These devices facilitate remote diagnostics and troubleshooting through IoT connectivity. Service personnel can access data from onboard sensors, diagnose issues remotely, minimizing the need for field interventions and optimizing maintenance costs."

The integration of rugged devices with IoT technologies has undeniably enhanced connectivity, data-driven decision-making, and operational efficiency in the maritime industry. This integration serves as a preventive measure against incidents and unforeseen disruptions. 

The Pinnacle of Rugged Navigation: Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

When it comes to rugged devices for maritime navigation, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK stands out as a beacon of reliability and durability. Renowned for its robust design and long-lasting battery, the TOUGHBOOK line is the go-to choice for maritime professionals, especially with military standards. 

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has been chosen by Marina Militare, the Italian navy army, as official supplier for rugged devices: for many years now, Toughbook have patrolled and granted security over the Mediterranean Sea.  

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