Next Generation Robot & Welding G4 Controller Showcased At Schweißen & Schneiden 2023

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Munich, DE. 11th September 2023 – Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe today introduced its next-generation G4 Robot Controller designed to set new standards in Robot Welding for speed, quality, safety and connectivity. The G4 Controller is part of Panasonic Factory Solutions’ The Arc Welding Robot System (TAWERS), which delivers unique peace of mind to customers by bringing together the total solution of robot, controller, power source and servo wire feeder all from one manufacturer. The G4, which replaces the G3 controller, will be showcased at the Panasonic stand in Hall 3, Booth C25 at Schweißen & Schneiden 2023, the international trade fair for Joining, Cutting and Surfacing in Essen, Germany, from September 11th-15th 2023.

The new G4 Controller helps deliver a faster, more accurate and efficient robot welding service than ever before. There is an 18% increase in the average speed of movement on the robot’s main axes by fine-tuning acceleration and deceleration control. Individual axis movements can be up to 27% faster than with the previous G3 controller. Motion accuracy has also been improved by up to 20%.

The teach pendant has been enhanced with an intuitive, slimmed-down user interface and increased resolution on the glove-friendly touch panel display. It also includes a 3D high-definition display for operators to visualise the movement of the robot and any potential safety issues ahead of operation.

Fast and flexible connectivity in a manufacturing environment is enabled with the inclusion of the OPC UA open standard. This means the future addition of cameras or sensors for data collection or safety can easily be integrated into the system.

Next-generation welding performance is assured with a series of innovations. The welding table from the G3 controller is available for use with the G4 and will continue to be developed with more than 150 different welding operations scheduled in total. Welding is also enhanced, for example with one process reducing spattering by up to 62% to improve quality. The new G4 Controller also offers improved welding navigational data and management, on-site welding waveform analysis and welding defect verification without the need for external measuring equipment.

The G4 Controller leads the way on safety with the standard installation of functional safety software that complies with IEC 61508 and ISO 13849, flexible assignment and editing of safety input and output and its external axis controller with individual servo on/off control as standard. 

With uptime more important than ever, the G4 Controller has upgraded reliability and maintenance functions with data log enhancements and an increased error histories capability to improve quality tracking and improved data for preventative maintenance, alongside an enhanced dual tunnel cooling structure and energy-saving fan control.

Iván Rodrigo Flor Cantos, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Factory Solutions, said: “The new G4 is the answer for customers in their continuous quest for robot welding with better efficiency, quality and maximum uptime. Our 60-plus-year pedigree in the market and our ability to offer the entire robot welding solution from a single manufacturer makes us the perfect choice for European customers.”

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