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Focuses on growth of B2B products and solution business across Europe

Bracknell, UK. 2nd July 2020 – Panasonic has appointed Hiroyuki Nishiuma as managing director of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU), based in Wiesbaden, Germany. A Panasonic executive with more than 30 years’ experience, he aims to help Panasonic’s B2B customers succeed and contribute to European society by providing high quality products and value-add solutions to businesses across Europe.

“Europe is a mature society leading the world in facing the “new normal” and social issues,” said Nishiuma. “We are operating in a fast changing and maturing business environment where organisations are facing many different challenges from the way they work, to the way they manufacture and deliver goods and services to market. Our technology and the ability to integrate technologies to bring new solutions is at the heart of solving many of these issues.”

The company offers a range of products used in the critical operations of business to continuously enhance quality. These include mobile computing, security, broadcast, business communication and visual solutions, as well as industrial medical vision cameras. Combining these products with its system and service integration capabilities, Panasonic has also introduced a major new B2B solutions initiative called Gemba Process Innovation to help its European business customers in the manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors innovate to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

“It’s essential for us to work closely with the customer at their “GEMBA” (site of operation) and gain a deep understanding of their business,” added Nishiuma. “Gemba Process Innovation then draws on all of Panasonic’s vast business, technology and solutions know-how to help customers recognise their potential and address fundamental operational issues to help improve the way they operate in the face of rapid social and technological change.”

Nishiuma brings a breadth of experience from his former role as Senior Managing Executive Office and member of the board at Panasonic Systems Solutions in Japan, where he achieved income and profit increases in seven consecutive fiscal years through the management of a strong products and value added solutions business.

He joined Panasonic in 1988, after studying Politics & Economics at the prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo.

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