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Memory Card Portable-Recorder

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Key features

Records HD-SDI input signals with high image quality
A 3MOS System with Full-HD Sampling
Up to 120x Zoom Power
  • High-Quality, Multi-Angle Shooting
  • A 3MOS System with Full-HD Sampling
  • Teams with AG-HMR10 Recorder
  • Up to 120x Zoom Power
  • Take Clear Shots While Walking or Zooming

Allows Operation from a Distance

Zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed and white balance adjustments, as well as camera setup, can all be made from the AG-HMR10. Its built-in stereo microphone also lets you adjust the audio levels. The camera head option cable (optional) comes in 3 m (9.84 ft) (AG-C20003G) and 20 m (65.62 ft) (AG-C20020G) lengths to match your application.

Highly Detailed Image Capture

The progressive 3MOS image sensors record full-HD images with a total, 3.05-megapixel (approx.) resolution [effective motion-image resolution of 2.51 megapixels (approx.)]. This produces full-raster HD images with high resolution and superb image quality. Because each of the three separate image sensors receives one of the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue), they render more precise images and more faithful colors than the single
light-receiving 1MOS sensor.

HD Lens Unit

Even at the 490 mm zoom setting (35 mm lens equivalent), this advanced 12x optical zoom lens is free of image degradation. And the AG-HMR10 is equipped with a digital zoom that instantly magnifies the image by any of three fixed values. 2x, 5x or 10x. Use it together with the 12x optical zoom
lens, and you get super magnification equivalent to a 120x zoom, without the drop in light intensity that happens when using a lens extender. This advanced lens also lets you capture 40.8 mm wide-angle shots (35 mm lens equivalent) - unusual for such a compact unit.

HD-SDI Input and Output, High Quality Image Acquisition for Professional use and SD Memory Card Recording

  • Records HD-SDI input signals with high image quality. PH mode allows bit rates of up to 24 Mbps
  • SD memory card recording provides excellent reliability and cost-performance
  • The palm-size body weighs only about 691g
  • Enables versatile operation when combined with the AG-HCK10 Camera Head (optional)

The AG-HMR10 features the image-enhancing PH mode that Panasonic developed exclusively for AVCCAM camera recorders. It delivers a maximum AVCHD bit rate of 24 Mbps (average: 21 Mbps). Designed for
professional image production, this mode handles full-pixel HD 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 HD pixels, and lets you record 1080/30p, 1080/25p, and 1080/24p progressive images in addition to 1080/60i and
1080/50i when connected to the AG-HCK10 (optional).

Unlike videotape, there's no need for cueing with the SDHC Memory Card because recording automatically begins in a blank section of memory. Nor do you have to worry about accidentally recording over important footage. You can delete unwanted clips instantly right on the spot to preserve memory capacity. Editing after shooting is smooth and easy, with no need for digitizing.
The solid-state memory design does away with the moving mechanism to provide excellent resistance to impacts, vibration and temperature changes, and eliminates concerns about dropouts and clogged heads.

Please click here for a list of operation manuals to download.

Specifications table

Power SupplyDC 7.2 V (when the battery is used) 7.3 V (when the AC adaptor is used)
Power Consumption11.7 W (when the optional AG-HCK10G Camera Head is connected) 6.5 W (in standalone condition)
Operating Temperature0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity10 % to 80 % (No condensation)
WeightApprox. 580 g (1.28 lb) (Excluding battery) Approx. 691 g (1.52 lb) (Including bundled battery)
Dimensions96 mm (W) x 52.6 mm (H) x 133 mm (D) (3-3/4 inches x 2-1/8 inches x 5-1/4 inches) (Excluding the projection)
Video Recording

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